Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Time for Ratings

       It's sweeps time and that means a saucy series for TV news. Hookers ? Not enough of them to make for a story.....Drugs ? Lots of them but hard to get video.  How about following cops around on the night shift ? That's pretty easy to do.
        It's not all cops who work at night. Hospital ERs, all night diners, and snow removal crews at the ready. 
      When I worked there it was always a challenge to dream up interesting sweeps stories. Homeless people would be a good topic. We hear about all these couch surfers.  Tattoos and piercings would be a good topic to agitate the older viewers.  I like that mortician story I mentioned  the other day.
      I see they have started to live shots again.....Must be the new boss wants it jazzed up.


Anonymous said...

Wow! They must want ratings bad. No stories about the first women this or first woman that. No stories about homophobia. No stories about racism. They are actually covering news and local sports and not pushing their agenda. Well...that can't last long...

Anonymous said...

Snow removal has been done to death, every time more than a couple inches expected.

If you don't like the local news, shut your eyes through local commercials. They get worse every day.

Anonymous said...

A tantalizing story would be ANY municipal/school project well planned, coming in at or under budget, on time and with no increase in taxes.

Even BETTER, plans to reduce costs in municipal spending to maintain or reduce taxes.

Talk about FICTION... My dreams as a lad had better chances of being realized.

Anonymous said...

Your dreams as a lad probably included killing a mastodon with slingshot,ye olde farte.