Friday, February 12, 2016

The White Stuff Takes the Fun and Profit Out of a Friday Night

   A little reminder today of winter's rage when a sudden lake effect dump ruined a Friday night for business and reacquainted me with my 21 year old Simplicity snow blower from  Cheney's.
     It feels good to get to bed after running that thing around for a while.  I did the city lot next door on one side and a zombie sidewalk on the other side.
      But the snow stopped around 9:30 and I am hoping I don't have to do it again in the AM.....I got Jet's kennel blown out too as that was too deep for her.
      Bitter cold the next two days...but hey, I can just stay inside.


Anonymous said...

Jet's kennel is outside??? Too cold for her!!!!

Anonymous said...

why doesnt the city crews do the lot next door if its a city lot.. they do the business side walks on the square?????
How is that legal. I see the maintenance people doing it in front of the YMCA, but along the rest of the square where even Sly's Law office is, is done by city staff..
how is this right?????

Anonymous said...

Mr. Graham your efforts in doing the walks are commendable! You are a good neighbor!
If all residents would take the initiative to do these things rather than just sit back and snipe on how the city should take care of everything our little town would be the better for it.