Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Show Goes On

        Now that cable news covers campaigns non stop, we can all see the frantic pace candidates, staff and media endure to keep this entertaining bit of civics going.
        The advance work, the town halls, debates and speeches, the controversies, the personal attacks, the jockeying and schmoozing 24/7 to do something few people would. Run for President of the United States.
         Some people like to say, "I wish there were more choices."
         There is a very, very finite group willing to embark on or endure this drill. A many are called, few are chosen endeavor. that's a career and family killer only the most craven and ambitious could endure.
        I'll watch the SC and NV coverage this weekend, and am amazed how many people are working so hard to provide political soap opera for those of us interested.


Anonymous said...

It is commendable how much effort they put in to what is in all likelihood a losing proposition. Especially for those polling low. It would be far more natural for any of them to do what Owens did and "retire", when you know you are going to get trounced.

You also have to give the MSN and the rest of unofficial opposition to the GOP, for all the hard work they do in attacking the candidates. They even got the Pope in on the assault. Good for them. If nothing else, they get credit for the passion they put into their cause.

Anonymous said...

Owens didnt retire for fear of Elise or her campaign he retired for the good of his family and business. If he had run Elise would be still a wanabee and Doheny would still be waiting in the wings...
By the way can anyone tell me any acomplishments or any good things Doheny has done for the North country over the last two years or better yet since 2009.. I guess you have to be elected to do the good you promise for the area... Does he still own Ritchie????

Anonymous said...

8:41, get a grip. Owens got tired of barely winning even when he was going up against fatally flawed candidates. He would have lost by similar margins to what Wolfie lost by and HE KNEW IT. That is the true reason he quit and you know it.