Monday, February 8, 2016

The Cat Prowls NY 19 Helping a Millionaire Trying to Run for Congress- Capitol Confidential

      The team that ran the Doheny primary campaign in our district in 2014 is said to be in the employ of NY 19 GOP hopeful Andrew Heaney who is in a three way primary for the right to oppose likely Democratic nominee Zephyr Teachout in the open seat now held by Rep.. Chris Gibson.
       The Cat and all the gang are said to be advising Mr Heaney who is primarily opposed by veteran GOP pol John Faso.
       NY 19 should be one of the interesting races of 2016.
NY-19 candidate Andrew Heaney releases second TV ad - Capitol Confidential

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Anonymous said...

These sleezebags again will gladly empty and fleece another wealthy schmuck as they did with Doheny. Just ask Matt how much he got taken for. Political who##s! This newby candidate and I won't state his name has been a lifelong Democrat, maxed out once or twice to Obama.

Everyone in the political world knows that Newby is being told by consulting group (run and owned by D'Amato)who would sell his own kids and again for the highest incoming dollar, promote the suggestion they are tight and close with Stefanik. Stefanik would take a bulldozer, not stop to idle and bulldoze the bodies of each and everyone of them over and over. Known fact Stefanik didn't even waste a spittle of spit on these guys
Last nugget truth be known homeboy Matt was in and approved each and every nasty hit they took against Stefanik.

Campaign advisor, single since the wife left him, and Matt keep doing what you do every day, drown away your troubles. Sleep well boys you deserve the shi##y lives you lead!

Former Doheny Staffer