Monday, February 15, 2016

WDT: St Lawrence County Man Makes Vodka Candy

    A Canton man is making "vodka-infused"  chocolate candies.  He says the flavored vodkas mix well with dark chocolate and his product will sell in the more upscale candy market for Valentine's Day, weddings and special events.
    Entrepreneurs are to be admired, but this raises issues in a society where liquor is heavily regulated to the point a liquor store cannot sell a candy bar or a newspaper because it would allow a retail blending of products society has said it doesn't want to happen that way....I say "society", but of course what we are talking about are New York's Byzantine alcohol laws.
     Not to mention the prohibitionists who will argue such candy is a gateway confection.
     I hope the gentleman's business venture goes well, but you have to cover your bases on the regulatory issues, as what seems OK can pose issues.


Anonymous said...

Near certain failure. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Calm down seems to be just a hobby. Maybe the good Mr. Graham will add them to his bar menu some day.

Anonymous said...

So True 5:58 this concoction could have lead to the cure of cance....

Wait a minute! This is just a different way of getting alcohol into your system and not a very original one at that. People have been trying alternative routes to intoxication since the beginning of time. Even gone so far as shoving it up their ass.

I could give a shit less how people get their buzz on as long as I'm not affected. There must be something more important to waste our time on.