Friday, February 12, 2016

Saucy Actress Appears in Cruz Ad....And Your Point Is ?

     In a commercial for Ted Cruz, a group appearing to be a self help group of former Marco Rubio supporters, it was discovered one actress worked in "softcore porn".  Amy Lindsay has 94 adult film titles to her name and had apparently responded to the casting call for the commercial.
Amy Lindsay in Cruz Commercial
      It was discovered on the day Senator Cruz was headed to Bob Jones University for a "values summit".
      So what. Betcha some of the actors used are divorced, or are adulterers, or may use drugs, swear, have shoplifted or who knows what else.  Amy appeared in the 1997 classic "Confessions of a Lap Dancer", but also has worked in the Star Trek movies as well.
      What is more relevant is how phony these seemingly real portrayals are.
       In today's gotcha world, this becomes the story du jour.
       Now if Savanna Sampson appeared in a political ad in NY 21, I can't imagine our media even thinking it was a story, but Presidential politics in SC is a little more high speed.
        And do the folks at Bob Jones know the difference between soft core and hard core ?


Anonymous said...

BFD... As if this woman couldn't change her ways?
It's not like she's that pious hypocrite, Bristol Palin. Or something like Ivanka Trump making softcore adult movies! Then we'd have to hear more sick comments from Donnie about how he'd perhaps be 'dating' her if she weren't his daughter.


Max Volume said...

Don't worry folks,the coming Sharia Law will soon ban nudity.
And Ladies... get your hijab NOW before the mad rush!

Anonymous said...

I have heard of Fox News hiring several over the years.. One can tell

Anonymous said...

That's ok. I would rather have an adult actress then the people the Donkeys worship. Folks like Al Sharpton and Bill Ayers.

Anonymous said...

Knowing you 416, it'd be cheaper for you to have Hilly as prez, than pay for an adult 'actress'. Lol
Fortunately you won't have to make that decision as the fix is already in. :D