Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sanders Takes Very Early Lead

   The first votes are in from a couple of hamlets in northern NH and Bernie Sanders leads among Democrats and Ted Cruz leads among Republicans followed by Donald Trump and John Kasich.
    UPDATE: Cruz, Trump and Kasich are tied at 9 each with all three early hamlets reporting. Sanders leads 17-9.


Anonymous said...

How the heck, can Trump dominate every national poll with insurmountable leads only to be neck and neck with Cruz in the state primaries? If Cruz wins New Hampshire watch out for foul play calls and conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

What polls are you looking at #7:35??? Cruz won't win NH. But Trump WILL continue to lose ground. In the end, he won't get Republican nom.

We'll see if he is a man of his word (doubtful) and doesn't run independent. Tick tock, tick tock...

Anonymous said...

Missing the point folks, old Commie Bernie should have pushed harder, a little legal effort for all the fraud votes lawyered up Hilldabeast has on staff already. This is her time and she deserves it.

The Democratic Iowa machine won't release the actual results of the Iowa counts. I would be madder than heck if I were a member of the libtard family knowing that she is running in NH on a false win narrative.

The Democratic Party of inclusiveness and honesty understands what it has to takes to win. Come on Bernie, when you going to Bern the Clinton House down? If Bernie gets shaken down by the Clinton Crime Family no way are his supporters going to show up come November.

Clinton is now stating in her speeches "I know many of you do not trust me now?" And she chuckled when her good Buddy Madeline said "there is goig to be a place in hell for women that won't vote for Hillary" This also includes the emasculated men crowd, they are keeping lists and your own Senator Gilly is updating each and every day. This is only the primary!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the pussy Trump, Ted Cruz is a big pussy. But then so is Rubio. And what about that Bush guy…. Seriously, that man is a walking vagina.