Friday, February 26, 2016

Rubio Rolls the Dice

   Senator Marco "Robio" has been reprogrammed and it's taking discourse in the GOP rose further to the bottom.  After receiving praise from the establishment for his lashing out at Donald Trump in last night's debate in Houston, Senator Rubio was in Dallas this AM calling Mr. Trump a "con artist", said he was too old and suggested Trump "wet his paints" during last night's session. He claims to have unmasked his opponent.
    Frantic to salvage his nomination prospects, Mr. Rubio is looking like what he accuses his opponent of being.....not Presidential.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, another lawsuit threat coming, this is after Trump himself made fun of Hillary going to the bathroom during one of her recent debate.

Mr. Trump is not being treated fairly, a meme he often states. I blame it all on the Dems. for being so nasty these last 10 years that the GOP has to follow suit.

On the other hand this will prepare the eventual nominee for the battle of war when fighting Hillary.

Anonymous said...

I see Rubio nothing more than a bigmouth bully that hasnt acomplished anything in his lifetime. The old country club Republicans are using him for their hitman to get rid of trump and probably promised to throw him a bone later.