Monday, February 22, 2016

Reaction to Higher Wages ? Fewer Workers

       A NYS labor surcharge or an automated unmanned kiosk to take your order....even on-table devices allowing you to order dessert.
       All ways, among others, restaurants are adapting to the new world of rapidly rising labor costs.
       And there is the old fashioned way of compensating...raising prices.
       Now with a $15 minimum in the offing, all those other industries not paying that much are screaming for an expansion of the earned income credit as an alternative to higher wages.  That's welfare paid for by the broader tax base.
       Higher wages, more paid time off, mandated benefits.....The camel is laboring as straws are added.


Anonymous said...

It's just amazing how many people hate freedom

Anonymous said...

The fewer people I have to deal with during my day the better it is. Bring on the Kiosks. At least if my order is wrong, I'll only have myself to blame.

Anonymous said...

I think even the current minimum wage is an assault on America, but these kiosks have been around for quite some time.