Sunday, February 14, 2016

Playboy's Non-Nude Attempt at Relevance | Daily Mail Online

     With nudity everywhere in pop culture and on the Internet, a little bit of clothing is the new mantra for Hef and his dwindling circulation magazine, Playboy.
       This month a 20 year old girl of Instagram fame poses provocatively but technically clothed.  How many decades has it been since a guy picked up Playboy just to see a naked gal ? 
Scanty Rather Than Sans Clothing for New Playboy
        I suppose content could triumph, but given the brand and today's market, I suspect the new Playboy will join Life and Look as magazines a lot of people used to read.
Playboy's first non-nude cover girl Sarah McDaniel 'may pose naked' | Daily Mail Online


Anonymous said...

Playboy made a stupid decision. Don't they realize, the offended babe crowd aren't going to buy the magazine anyway?

Anonymous said...

See, nobody cares.