Sunday, February 14, 2016

Palmetto Debate Gets Raucous as Trump Leads Feisty Foursome

    Whether out of control or just aggressive, Donald Trump was praised by some and panned by others for his SC debate performance on CBS.
     It was feisty all around as six candidates squared off in the Palmetto State. Mr. Trump sparred with Jeb Bush and Senator Ted Cruz.  Mr. Crus argued with Senator Marco Rubio.
      All wanted the GOP to block the President from filling the now vacant SCOTUS seat.
      Dr. Ben Carson was weak and this will likely be the last debate he will make it in to. Governor Kasich was uneventful as he tries to be the nice guy.
       Marco Rubio was aggressive, as he gained good scores from the chattering class after his rocky debate last Saturday.
        SC GOP voters cast ballots this coming Saturday.

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