Monday, February 1, 2016

NYP: Cuomo Calls Out Those Making Maximum Wages

      Governor Cuomo has hit on something worth discussing......The pay disparity issue is not just about raising minimums through government fiat, but also the crazy high salaries among some in "public service"
       Mr Cuomo is pointing out he huge salaries at SUNY and CUNY schools.


Anonymous said...

Wow! $500k for one teaching doctor is not just half what he would earn in private practice but as much as five troopers combined. Of course the trooper earn twice what they would earn as civilian employees, but that's neither here nor there in the eyes of Andy.

Anonymous said...

The Rich will always get richer and the poor will always get poorer.

Shame on all those that are against the higher wages for the poor who are only making $7-$8-$9.00 an hour.

Not everyone was born with a " Silver Spoon " in their mouth.

Anonymous said...

Now this is something. Cuomo has had a real close relationship with a guy name Alain Kalaroris stands all of about 5'2 with a Napoleon complex that drives around in a fast sports car who is the one person behind this new public/private phony state relationship.

Guy is out of corrupt Albany and has built a monster of a chip fab complex in Albany that doesn't quite pass the smell test. His earnings are close to small million a year.

Why has Addie not addressed this disparity between the SUNY & CUNY systems since he is the planner in giving tax free income to businesses that 'start up' free tax status to the company and no NYS personal tax to employees.

This is all a shell game and the remants of Shelly & Cuomo and these trustees of these SUNY & CUNY agencies.

Sure, it's all about giving kids in NYS lower than normal public state education.

Anonymous said...

One of the very first rules of turning a country to socialism: Create class warfare between the well to do and the middle class.

Rule number one is take control of the health care system.

Don't believe me? Research it yourself.

Anonymous said...

Its doubtful that any are actually educators but rather bloated administrators. The State created this bureaucracy that its now turning against.

Anonymous said...

Actually 818 it is Ritchie that should be addressed. If you smell something fishy then you get a member of the opposing party to investigate.. Addie is not a fault as this trustee game is set up by the likes of Skelos and Libos.. Remember who appointed Mare to DANC... Contact Ritchie it would be interesting to know the answer..

Anonymous said...

Here we go...Raise the minimum wage to $15...tell those who are earning to make less. HMMM I think a little book was written on this not so long ago. Somewhere in Europe. Slipping my mind. What a joke. Can't have it both ways and not be Marxist...oops. Book is coming back to me now.

Anonymous said...

Any person employed in the education system, college on down, believes they are worth endless amounts of taxpayer money. Just ask them, and stand back so the crap doesn't hit your shoes. It comes from a lifetime of hanging with similar types, always telling each other how underpaid and abused they are. They the step into their Volvo's and go home. You have to admit, all this for the children stuff has worked very well for them. Teachers can cry better than any other self delusional group. Always remember, with all their coursework in sociology and other tough stuff like History of Jewish Women, they could be making billions in other areas of the economy. Doing what, no one knows. But it's a neat part of the presentation.
I get nervous when I say things like this, but I'm pretty safe. Teachers work 21 hours a day grading papers and doing lesson plans. They have little time to notice people like me, per se.