Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Missing baby Maddox Lawrence Found Dead in Water Near Destiny Mall in Syracuse

      A wrenching discovery for police divers today in the harbor near the Destiny Mall in Syracuse as the dead body of 20 month old Maddox Lawrence was recovered. Baby Maddox was reported missing over the weekend and was the subject of an Amber Alert that ultimately led to the locating of the father on a street in Baldwinsville. Police arrested him and he led the law to the grizzly site.
      Ryan Lawrence has been charged with second degree murder and will be arraigned tomorrow.
      The story caught the attention of Central and Northern NY.
       Missing baby Maddox Lawrence is believed to be dead, source says | syracuse.com#incart_m-rpt-1#incart_m-rpt-1


Anonymous said...

What has happened to the moral fiber of America? Notice someone thought it would be cool to take a shot of the father chest up.

A stupid neighbor says the poor baby was cute 'but you can't judge a person until you walk in his shoes' (like he can understand how a father can kill his own child)

A precious soul taken so early, these poor babies don't have a chance.

Where were the grandparents, they must have seen some type of jealousy issues. Jealous of a innocent baby. May he rot in hell.

rick aldrich said...

He will ultimately, pay the price, for his taking an innocent life . Just makes you shake your head , how terribly sick some humans can be.

dajeep said...

Time for the state to plug in Old Sparky again. Read on Syracuse.com that if convicted he faces 25-life. What kind of crap is that. If you take a life, the rest of yours should be spent in solitary, with NO CHANCE of getting out. Better yet, make him a crispy critter.

Anonymous said...

I'm pro choice, up to the end of term, but after that I think it should be a crime.

Anonymous said...

If Maddox was 20 months younger, her mother could have "chosen" to kill her.

Anonymous said...

Seems for some reason lesser sentences are given for crimes involving children, yet they should be the most valued. Probably struck a deal with the low life so they could recover the baby quickly for the sake of the rest of the family.

Anonymous said...

6:13 asks what has happened to the moral fiber of the country. He is so on the money. His question addresses the very core of the issue. Our moral fiber is gone. We are now primarily interested in party loyalty, free stuff, and the bs most media spews. Another source of failure is our schools. They don't serve our kids, they serve themselves, their union, and the retirement plans. By the time a young person graduates, they are fully indoctrinated in the philosophy of me first. They have no concept of economics, history, or the value of work.

And interestingly, 8:42 offers what some would consider sarcasm about our moral fiber. But he's spot on too. Life has little value. Personal responsibility doesn't exist. And again, the me first philosophy prevails. So all kinds of people get rich telling kids they can have an abortion, and it's simply a choice. Watertown's biggest abortionist, now retired of course, owned the biggest yacht in Chaumont. It's about profit, not women.

In our rush to be fashionable and to avoid responsibility for our actions, we have thrown out most of the things that made our nation great.

Anonymous said...

852 and 1021 are complete jackasses! Why are you pantywaists politicizing this? I hope nothing like this ever befalls either of you. No one deserves something this tragic in their lives.

You two need to get lost!

Anonymous said...

8:42, what the hell does "till the end of term" mean? That's the biggest cop out and BS statement I've ever seen here on the blog. It ranks right up there with "all Republicans are racist". So please, enlighten us on what you think should be considered end of term. You're not being too specific. Maybe we should all relax a bit, like you, and consider this case as a 20month abortion. That way everybody is happy. Imagine the parts they could have gotten out of this one. Cool.