Sunday, February 28, 2016

Media Demands Repudiation of Racism

      This is typical gotcha....pose a question that drips with race and when the candidate doesn't mouth the requisite denunciations, its off to the races.  So it was today when Jake Tapper ask Donald Trump about David Duke purportedly "endorsing" him.
      David Duke ?   The Louisiana yahoo defeated for governor how many years ago..That David Duke. I didn't know he was still alive, much less endorsing people.
      Tapper wanted Trump to condemn the KKK.  When he said he didn't know Duke, the media and the opposition immediately started in.
       Trump later said he had rejected backing, but meanwhile hysterical media was playing the race card...
       The media is so dishonest at times, like when they skewered me over that Potsdam nasty note. Totally made up.....
        Trump says plenty of things I don't like...plenty I do....but the media is the greatest race baiters in the land.
Trump declines to condemn Ku Klux Klan


Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that each time the media has tried this crap, Donald came out smelling like a rose.
McCain calls Trump supporters crazy, Trump says McCain wasn't a hero because he got captured. The media feigns outrage even though we all know they hate veterans. Trumps numbers go up. Rinse and repeat.

Anonymous said...

Trump should tell the dummycrats the denunciations will happen once they remove Senator Byrd's name from every public building.

Anonymous said...

Lots of people try this stuff. Why? Because it works. Remember a local hero that called "all Republicans racist". Why not try that tactic. One has nothing to lose, unless they are called on it. The seldom are.

Anonymous said...

Whaa….whaa…… they’re all a bunch of evil race baiters!!

I never heard of David Duke and the KKK…. I’ll have to look into it.
I never heard of Mickey Mouse…. I’ll have to look into it.

I never heard of Mussolini…. but I LOVE his quotes.
I never heard of the Kardashians…. but I LOVE their asses….I really do…. just beautiful.

I never heard that Trump University was a classic fraudulent bait-and-switch scheme designed to take advantage of people who were gullible enough to buy my tripe. I'll have to look into it. But I absolutely LOVE the poorly educated…. I really do!

I never heard of the planet Mars.
I’ve never heard of narcissism either. But I LOVE myself…. I really do. Actually, I’m a beautiful guy. But you already knew that too.

What’s that…? The Twilight Zone?
I never heard of the Twilight Zone…. I’ll look into it.

I’m honest…. I really am.
But you already knew that.

Whaa….whaa…… they’re all a bunch of race baiters!!

Anonymous said...

David Duke hasn't lived in this country for years. How much effort did the media put into even finding him. Trump's response was appropriate. Non-issue

Anonymous said...

Bottom line:Trump wouldn't know the truth if it bit him in the ass.

Middle-Class Mike said... Echo Chamber: CNN Harasses Donald Trump on Twice-Repudiated KKK ‘Endorsement’

Give it a read. Gives the facts on how 'Gotcha' tactics by CNN is the real story here! Mike Flynn MCM