Wednesday, February 10, 2016

League Saga Nears Day of Reckoning

     Long after it effectively passed out of existence and after three years of developer Michael Lundy trying to get title, a group of remaining members of the North Side Improvement League decided to try and sell the property and use the funds to set up a scholarship fund. If that doesn't succeed, the property would pass to developer Brian Murray who holds the tax sale certificate, which can be redeemed in June.
    Murky finances and no easy way to convey title attracted Mr. Lundy who also tried to acquire the Eagles Club property with a similar promise to build members a new clubhouse. That deal never happened either.
     However, since Mr. Lundy recently offered a  $375K cash deal recently, there is probably the expectation someone else would do the same and whatever is done would require approval of the AG.
     My guess is the tax sale goes through as to halt it, someone would have to risk paying the $30K in taxes for an uncertain result.
     Faced with a similar deadline some years back, a civic minded citizen paid the taxes and was never repaid.


Anonymous said...

Raze the place.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you take over the NSIL mayor? I bet you could raise the funds to pay the taxes and get it going and making money again, in no time at all. The norht side does not need a dollar store or drug store, it needs this club.

You ARE the voice of the north side and the loss of this community center is a great loss to the north side. Too bad our politicians were willing to spend money on monuments in the park while ignoring the needs of a declining community. Without a facility like this in place, the community will continue to decline. This is not just a North side issue but a city issue and a county issue.

For half the price of a concession stand, the city could ensure the residents on the north side have a convenient place to vote, meet, or the people who could not otherwise afford a venue, can celebrate weddings and such.

Talk about blind city leadership. Do you think our country's most famous community organizer, did his organizing in private self funded clubs?

And BTW...You wouldn't have to do it for free...You could draw a paycheck. All it ever really needed was a leader like yourself. Someone with business acumen, but who is less worried about how rich he can get than he is about how to make his city a better place.

Jeff Graham said...

There's no clear path to title. Sure, I could pay the taxes and end up like Wayne Zimmer who did it last time. All you are doing is paying on behalf of someone else.
It will not be redeemed in June, unless a broader deal is worked out with the AG. The holder of the tax certificate will get it.
As for operating it as a club, there's a nice spot to socialize across the street at BJ's Grill.

Anonymous said...

The smart move is to take the $375k and be done with it.

Anonymous said...

It's just a sad commentary about the death of community spirit in the times we live in. Most people nowadays carry their social life around with them in their pocket or fancy belt clip. Three hundred people donating $100.00 a piece could save it. But what then? Maybe it could become the new headquarters for the C3? A rising power to right all wrongs in our community. It's a nice thought...

*This message is brought to you by a willing donator of a hundred bucks to start the Concerned Citizens Coalition of Watertown. I nominate our dear ex-mayor to lead the charge to bring about real change to the Watertown systemic failed system of government.

* Just think Mr. Mayor, you could help bring about more effective change out of office than you could ever dreamed of in office. It would be pretty cool to see if we could rally the silent majority of Watertown into a powerful force of community activism.

Anonymous said...

I am sure the local bar owners appreciate the lack of a NFP competing with them. But the truth is that they didn't see that large of a bump in traffic when the League closed. Two different customers. The larger issue is that city leaders and elected leaders should step up and help save it for the benefit of the north side community.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Northern NY Community Foundation in all of this? Randy! Step forward!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Randy should get involved and turn it in to low income house.

NNY Community Foundation? Ha !
You're on the wrong side of the river for any donators to earmark their donations over there.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you another building that needs to be dealt with before it fall beyond the pale, is the old globe mini mall. I drove past it yesterday and it's looking pretty rough. Does anyone know if there is anything happening with that property at all? It would be a real shame to see that building fade to rubble.