Sunday, February 28, 2016

Help Not Wanted....The New New York

       I was chatting with a friend who sells POS systems for restaurants and stores and he was telling me of the increased interest even at the mom and pop level for systems that minimize the need for people Like ordering a pizza from your phone or tablet.
       The market is reacting before the Legislature has even acted.


Anonymous said...

It could also be that good help (people who show up when they are supposed to, and actually "work") is hard to find around these parts.

Why work when the government will give you everything for free?

Anonymous said...

The food service future has officially begun. It wont be long until customers bus their own tables.

Anonymous said...

The saying "There's an APP For That" is going to become very, very popular in the near future.
You will order your Big Mac 'n Fries and pay with your cellphone.