Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Groundhog is Right...Spring is Coming With a Fury

   Some wild weather today with high winds and rain taking away the little snow left in the City. I am liking this winter what with minimal plowing hiring a loader in February to move it around and lower heating bills.
   Here in the valley on Pearl Street we don't get many limbs falling, so the wind is no problem.
    There are winners and losers in this kind of weather, but most I talk to are fine with it and look forward to an early spring.
     Back in the day, we knew when spring was hear as the MSM would report on the first crocus on Paddock Street. They don't do that anymore, so I will make it my mission to look for the first crocus and post it here.


Anonymous said...

You jinxed it Jeff! Said wind wasn't a problem on Pearl, and now the traffic lights are down.

Anonymous said...

What about stop and go lights blowing down?