Monday, February 29, 2016

Gabbard Takes to Airwaves to Back Bernie

     The Congresswoman from Hawaii was on Morning Joe today to explain why she quit the DNC to formally endorse Bernie Sanders for President. (Gee, none of Hillary's supporters on the DNC have quit).
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HA) on Morning Joe
      Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, an Iraq War vet still serving in the Guard, didn't do it for free college or income equity, but cited Hillary Clinton's support for interventionist foreign policy that is taking an enormous toll in blood and treasure.
      That's a position few are willing to voice as train Hillary rolls and certainly people with titles are fearful of being off the reservation.
       Rep. Gabbard took her stance not when it didn't matter but when Mrs. Clinton is at her strongest point in the race.
       That's a stance not taken by the hundreds of super delegates anxious to retain favor with the boss.


Anonymous said...

Maybe its not fear but instead the hundreds of superdelegates are not interested in switching to the batshit crazy Bernard the 'tard. We cannot be isolationist when it comes to the Islamic countries.

Anonymous said...

Most golfers know that the insane fruitcake from NYC via Vermont would be impossible to elect. By default, they are required to support the sisterhood of the lying pants suit. There isn't much you can say that will matter to such people. They love their party so much that is all they think about. Whenever I hear these folks talk, I ask questions about their upbringing, employment, interests and hobbies etc. It's always interesting to try to learn how people come to believe government is the answer to happiness, how freedom is optional, and how allegiance to party trumps all consideration. Often people are on the government payroll in one way or another, or their parents or children are. It is in their interest to keep things as they are. Some are dependent in other way, either by corporate welfare or welfare itself. Some are holdovers from the Vietnam era when being liberal was even more fashionable than it is today, if that's possible. All I know is this nation is headed in a completely wrong direction. We spend trillions we don't have to buy votes. In the name of the children we screw our children's future. And many seem fine with that. And if we knowingly elect someone that has an lengthy record of dishonesty and fraud, what does that say about us? I'm glad I lived most of my life in a different era. Everything I see points to a nation in steep decline. And all for loyalty to one political party. It is difficult to understand.

dajeep said...

@ 9:35 AM . Agreed. You hit it right on.

Anonymous said...

Ruffff Rooooo, She's done. Ole Nancy Pelosi, Hilldabeast and Senator Gilly have their own enemies list especially if she does not toe the line and vote for the sisterhood vagina crowd.

Watch them put some Guy they can control to primary her next election. No more money from the DCCC or any pacs. It will happen, you can take it to the bank. T

Anonymous said...

What ninnies you are. She couldn't compete with our own Red Riding Hood on the Arm Service Committee. Stefanik made sure she got nothing for her district and she couldn't play in the sandbox anymore. Couldn't or wouldn't contribute her dues to the DNCC to pass onto Queen Bee Nancy.

Maybe they had a private meeting with her maybe not but to leave the DNCC well she is finished.

It's interesting all these progressives that get onto the Arm Service Committee that serve in the military eventually wind up doing more harm than good. Look no further than our own Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Every single one of the Tards voted against the DOD budget for seven straight years up and until this last vote. Thankfully the GOP had the votes to override Bammy's veto. Lock step in bringing our military to pre WWII levels in very dangerous times.

But that's ok per John Kerry, 'if he had not had a close and special relationship with the Iranians, when they captured our boys and ship things could have been alot worse' Yeah right!

Bye bye

otherwords1 said...

And all the Rhino's ALL tell the TRUTH. Praise be! We will be SAVED by them. I guess Gillibrand's blowing the whistle on sexual assaults in the military and elsewhere was not productive?
I Agree with boosting our defense, but not with wasting money by extreme cost overruns for weapons that don't work. Nor for the expansion of the military welfare system that spends huge amounts on military benefits instead of expanding the numbers of military personnel.
Too bad Bernie has not come out for a stronger military. If he does, watch out Trump. The combination of being for these two issues would be a potent force for HIS election.
The problem with most of the Rhino candidates is that there is too much that they are NOT for without stating what they ARE for. But that has been the Rhino story for the past eight years and they can't seem to get off the same tired script.

Anonymous said...

10:21 And you are drinking Gillibrand's ginned up numbers of 'sexual
assualts in the military and elsewhere'

Have you been smoking today?

Anonymous said...

The military budget is a target for goodreason , it is cost ineffective .! Despite the lopsided military funding over the past 70 years . The truth is the military has NOT WON a war since WW2 . Yet the bloated miltary budget has crippled our economy .
The US needs a much MORE EFFECTIVE less costly effort to get this job done . More. $$$$$ is NOT. The answer. Taxpayes are being hijacked by the armament industry and their lobbies . No other civilized nation the percentage of it s GNP on defense .. Stronger military yes BUT MORE COST EFFECTIVE is the key . More , more more spending is notthe answer .