Monday, February 29, 2016

Media Get's All Righteous About the Race They Have Exploited - NBC News

      The media is hand wringing about the tenor of the campaign on the GOP which has gotten interesting of late.  I listened to a Rubio speech today and for the first time I've heard him he really hit a stride with talk of issues sprinkled with humor about his opponents.
      Referring to Donald Trumps repetitious answer on health care last week, Mr. Rubio says "when I did that it was a disaster, when Donald does it he's 'on message'"
      Senator Rubio said the discourse in the campaign is sad, but he says for the past year when he discussed issues, the media wasn't interested. Now that he's hurling invective and joking about Trump, it's news.
     The cable nets have made this all into a reality show of their own and I watch it. I feel like I know all the correspondents and have my favorites. It's entertainment.
      This Duke thing was mostly manufactured by Jake Tapper but by not giving the answer I have been trained to give, Mr. Trump keeps it going.  There was something about a quote from Mussolini to boot.
    It will all be much clearer by tomorrow night...maybe not, but it will be fun to watch.
First Read: A Republican Party on the Brink of Coming Apart - NBC News

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