Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Downstate Media Has the Goods on Spitzer Story

    Wow, Eliot Spitzer's new gal sure is pretty and has lived a full life here in the USA.....That's probably over as it may be hard to get back in now that she is back in Russia after her Plaza Hotel run-in with the Luv Guv.
      She's a girl with an entrepreneurial spirit and knows the value of her assets.
      Think of all the people, newspapers, pols and parties endorsing this guy back in 2006.....And how did he get away with eight years at AG given this behavior ? Well, we know the answer.



Anonymous said...

What a sorry fool , Spitzer HAS to pay for it . dude is fugly and has no style , i mean keeping his calf length black socks with garters on ,while in flagrant delicto ,ho ho ho , dude is a joke !

Middle-Class Mike said...

You know what's even sadder than this bums antics? The fact that a serial rapist like former President Bill Clinton could end up living back in the Whitehouse as 1st husband. Read Roger Stones book, "The Clinton's War on Woman" and all about the woma. He abused and Hillary was in on covering it all up! Mike Flynn MCM

Anonymous said...

@ 5K a night, wasn't The Spit more concerned with giving employment opoortunities for American women in the profession?

Questions, that need to be asked, was she here on a green card and taking work for employable individuals here. Was she receiving benefits, food challenged assistance since she was jobless and could not provide any employment records. What about housing and heating assistance.

I'm quite interested on who is going to pick up the tab or claw back the hospitalization fees.

Addie needs to check out and verify how many hours Spitz sought for sex addiction counseling. A closer study needs to be done of course maybe out of the millions Cuomo is seeking to hand out. A study why elder white very wealthy members of the Democratic Party only seek out the most vunerable females out there. Maybe Spitz should seek out Anthony Weiner and request a referral from his sexual addiction counselor.

Anonymous said...

What is the answer to how did he get away with it? We know it's not simply because he has a "D" next to his name, because we saw what happened to Paterson just because of free Yankees tickets.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was all those years getting kicked around by the public school kids when he carried his briefcase to school in 5-6th grade acting all neardy. He can use the excuse he was bullied.

I believe he graduated from Harvard Law School, to bad his kids won't be able to get in there on his legacy reputation!

Most amusing aspect is recalling his inagural speech and campaigning on "Day 1" he was the new face of preacher for ethics reform in Albany, he in a long line of corrupt politicians.

You dog, you, as Hillary now barks on her campaign stops "Whoff, Whoff"

Anonymous said...

Maybe Cruz is not so far off the mark as when he nailed Trump on
'New York Values'

The Democrats have come to accept this behavior from the people they stand behind and promote as high up as a Governor of NYS. Or the impeached horn dog, that now only scr##d women through his entire political life that didn't stop him from screwing the little people his family charitable foundation was supposed to help. Every dollar contributed to the Clinton Family Foundation only 10% is donated.

But it is ok as long as anyone within the Libtard family is involved.


Anonymous said...

You loved Donnie when he was a flaming Dem and friends with Billy and Hilly didn't you 248?