Sunday, February 28, 2016

DNC Co-Chair Bolts to Endorse Sanders

       As an Iraq War vet Rep. Tulsi Gabbard speaks with some authority on foreign affairs and she says she could sit on the sidelines no longer while her party's front runner promotes interventionist, regime change policies.
      So the Congresswoman from Hawaii resigned from the DNC and endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders, a move sure to anger the Democratic hierarchy as Hillary Clinton basks in a massive primary win in SC.
      These people who put principle above party...Damn them !

Tulsi Gabbard backs Sanders


Anonymous said...

You would never see our local Democrat mouthpieces put principle over party. Nah, they have been in the bag most of their lives. Some people have a problem with a lying criminal as a candidate. Others don't care a bit.

Anonymous said...

Don't expect to read headlines about the donkey party imploding and factions forming. That is only the storyline for MSN to write about the republicans. Don't expect to read the headline about the party of JFK turning into the party of Marx either.