Saturday, February 6, 2016

Democrats could gain up to six House seats in New York

    Will upstate turn blue again ?  I don't see GOP gains in House seats in recent years as evaporating totally but fact is these seats are at least competitive enough they could flip, while the many Dem seats downstate are mostly out of play.
    The open seat in the Hudson Valley may be interesting as while GOP leaning, Republicans are likely to field a well funded political retread in John Faso in what is an open seat.
     The Utica based district is an open one as well.
      The NNY and Syracuse seats seem safe, but the top of the ticket could be a factor.
Democrats could gain up to six House seats in New York


Anonymous said...

of course. They always do better in presidential year.

Though I think Tenney wins

otherwords1 said...

For some time I thought it would be folly for any Democrat to seriously challenge our Congresswoman in this coming election.
Now I am not so sure if Mike Derrick, who is opposing Elyse Stefanek, does not have a chance to do so.
I say this because Mike is a retired officer from the Army. As a Veteran, he can support many issues for veterans and has more credentials to know details that would be to our advantage having him on our Armed Services Committee.
For instance, he holds that Fort Drum should not just be defended so it continues to stay here, he argues for increasing its size.
He also lives in Plattsburg and during his time has been a commander of a region defending the nation.
I know this sounds like a political plug for him, but really, I am only pointing out the strengths he brings to the challenge. If he emphasizes is military background, this can only draw veterans from the North Country to vote for him.

Anonymous said...

otherwrods, you ought to offer a friendly wager to someone like Graham, if you actually believe what you say, even a little bit. I am sure virtually anyone you ask, would give you ten to one odds.

Anonymous said...

Tenney and Derrick will both be winners in November

Anonymous said...

When it is revealed that Derrick only lived in NY for high school plus his multiple homes in Colorado but zero in NY. That should be interesting. Funiciello is going to be on this guy like nobody's business.

At least Elyse is a native NYer - although from Albany. Derrick was raised in Chicago I hear?

Anonymous said...

Chicago and Albany both liberal strongholds. I wonder if Derrick went to a high priced prep school as well.

Anonymous said...

12:45 I tend to agree with 8:25 the guy is not catching on with the folks in the district. Doesn't matter that he is a vet, he agreed with Obama voting down the DOD budget not only once but twice. The ranks will remember him for that. Bigger issue that the guy has is he is more left than Danny and agrees that Iran will be a positive country that we can turn to and the release of 1.5 billion that will go towards financing the spread of terrorism throughtout the world was a good thing. The only vets that will vote for him will be the small minority who are registered Dems. The fight will be between Derrick & The Green Baker and see who goes leftyrougue. Bet it will be the Baker who exposes the parachuting candidate. Rumors have it that our dear Addie JR is his behind the scenes campaign mgr. That to me shows how stupid he is to associate himself with AJR. Danny Boy, you could have been a contender.

6:24 What a nonsensical posting, Teny is from a district down south of here and is a registered GOP, too far right of the district makeup. and William Macy is a registered Dem.
You can't be plugging for a GOP and a far left Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Come on, Call him out for what he is, he ain't no Native Son or NY'er by any stretch. If 8:25 is correct only reason he is back to relive his 4-5 years he spent in highschool in upstate NY was his father passed. Most likely he received an inheritance, probably sold his father's home has enough to not have to work for a living.

12:45 Get your head out of the sand, support the issues of the Vets, where has he been with all the investigations into the fraud and scams of Obama's investigation of the ill practices against our vets for the past 10 years. Vets have died under this administration and the practices at these hospitals.

As a registered Democrat he agrees with the party and just to bring up old memories he sounds like another Owens, did nothing for the vets, or the military and was part of reducing the budget with regards to our military. Can't have it both ways saying he is for increasing the size of FT Drum and then going along for the past 20 years in reducing the military.

All Stephanik has to do with Derrick is run on the last 5 years Obama has pink slipped the most officers in the military's
history. There have been more Generals fired by Obama in the last 2 years alone. We certainly down need his type as in Gillibrand and Owens on the Armed Service Committee. They are and have been part of the problem our country faces.

Look no further than just what happened to Jim Webb. Can't be a strong military candidate and run as a Dem. No one trust them anymore.

Just pointing out what a fraud he is.

Anonymous said...

You all are laughable... What about your local boy wonder for the last few elections. Doheny was raised here but went away to make his fortune.. He only returned to run for office..

Anonymous said...

I doubt we will have a 'local' candidate in this district ever again.
We have a carpetbagger in office now and likely will continue to. North Country values be damned. It is the big PAC money that wins elections. Sad.

Anonymous said...


I am plugging conservatives only and Tenney will win her district