Thursday, February 25, 2016

Debate Offers Contrasts

     Clearly,  Senator Marco Rubio's programming was to pepper Donald Trump with allegations about his business dealings.  He came across as a wise ass.  Mr. Trump struggled to keep his temper while Senator Cruz was smooth and composed.
      Governor Kasich was the most rational and Dr Carson was OK but just there.
      It was a good exchange and it's on to Super Tuesday, but I thought Cruz gained the most, but FOX was gushing over Rubio, if you needed more evidence on who the establishment backs. 


Anonymous said...

Kasich committed suicide when he said all businesses had to disregard their religious beliefs and ignore the history of mankind and marriage, if they are engaged in commerce.

Anonymous said...

Much better debate than the last one. The more debates the better. We are really getting to know these candidates.

Anonymous said...

No longer feeling Trump is invincible.

As the facts start coming out there seems to be some troubling issues.

Why won't he release his tax returns
He is facing a lawsuit which will be occurring early May during primary voting from former students that attended his Trump University.
Is he lying to the public by saying he is a billionaire when in fact when he was suing the reporter of the NYTimes when the reporter said he was not worth a billion the lawsuit was thrown out of court twice.
He is calculating the Trump name or band worth billions and would be
worth billions more if he is made President. Ughhhh.

Rubio pointed out last evening if he had not inherited 200 million from his father he would be selling watches in NYC.

If he had inherited and his worth is under a billion and has filed 4 bankruptcies well that's not saying much about the business man.

Things are just not adding up.

6:52 Yes I agree, the debate last night was very telling.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see Trump give many solid answers to anything he was challenged on, or give details on his plans. He's a pompous guy with thin skin. Even have a low blow to the interviewer on his ratinga.