Sunday, February 14, 2016

Debate Aftermath

      The conventional wisdom crowd says Senator Rubio revived his candidacy. Not a surprising conclusion as many people had cast their lot with him prematurely.
      I think Donald Trump could have played it low key and done fine, but he was very aggressive and borderline mean.
       JEB!  was whiny, defending his family and Ted Cruz was creepy although he did say something in Spanish, but I don't know what.
       Kasich tried to be the adult in the room but had little to say of substance and the doctor was terrible. He needs to be the next to leave the room and I suspect SC voters will send that message on Saturday.
       Now the whispering campaign, robo calls and other tricks can begin. I say its still advantage Trump but look for a possible second by Senator Rubio as he seems to be the establishment default choice again.  Cruz tops out at


Anonymous said...

There goes from Trump the 'no weapons of mass destruction' again. Saddam had poisoned gas that he used on his own people. If that isn't a weapon of mass destruction, nothing is! But then he calls prisoners of war losers! He also beat up President Bush on the war in Iraq that was voted on by Democrats including Hillary Clinton! He is the big clown on stage!

Anonymous said...

Agree with your assessment, mostly

Rubio won, looked and sounded enthusiastic, relaxed, and Presidential.

Carson has to go.

Cruz is too preachy and has whiny voice.

Trump is a mile wide and an inch deep. No specifics. Can only tolerate his generalities so long, candidacy nearing expiration date. General election only, aka low information, voters are growing weary of platitudes and shouting.

Bush improving, too little too late. I suspect PAC $ now shifts heavily to Rubio.

Kasich appears thoughtful, deliberate, adult and will make excellent VP.

Anonymous said...

Of course Rubio continues to gain more traction. Ultimately the gop's sounder mi ds, don't want trump. Period.
Rubio won't beat Trump in SC, but will come in a close second.

Tick tock, tick tock...

Anonymous said...

Rubio and CRUZ both lied about not having a lame duck president appoint a SC judge in 80 yrs

Their own party did this, Reagan in FEB 1988 , his LADT YR IN OFFICE appointed a right wing idealogoe Justice Anthony Kennedy .

These two idiots Cruz alias Grandpa Munster and Marko Roboto, are both junior varsity and deceitful liars .

Anonymous said...

1039 You are obviously a Bush supporter which makes you an instant fool. Guess who supplied Iraq years ago with chemicals.. Yup our Bush president no.1.. George W lied and is still in the lie mode today. Whens hes not drunk or high on cocaine he pretty ordinary but still lies.George W was mandated by the war machine to create a war so they could get richer and create more power in the middle east so Mr Bush ignored warnings about the terrorist flying airplanes into buildings.. Once it happened that was his excuse..I still remember that day when he got the word. He sat their for about ten minutes looking like he just shit his pants then ran to his Airforce one and flew around the country while Dick Cheney run the country.. He actually was a pathetic as Pataki standing doing nothing but holding Gulianis coat for him.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

That debate was awful and now the fallout about the forthcoming high court nomination flap to fill the Scalia vacancy developing is also bad news for the country - the abyss just go wider and deeper:

I have extensive more coverage here on that topic For those who dare to venture there