Monday, February 1, 2016

Cruz Wins Vote, But Rubio Wins Momentum With Strong Third Place in Iowa.

    For the number of people who take part, the Iowa caucuses garner a lot of attention and for Senator Ted Cruz, the win he got tonight is a boost......For Donald Trump, a performance less than the polls had showed, and for Senator Marco Rubio a strong third place finish that sets him up to be the establishment candidate.
     Mr. Trump tried to pull off a win, but other factors prevented that...including the Cruz ground game and perhaps the debate snub.
     Also there was a withering barage of TV spots featuring The Donald's old quotes and interviews, suggesting he is not as he seems today.
      As for other candidates, Dr. Ben Carson held his 10% and pledged to carry on....Jeb Bush was far back and others like Christie and Huckabee attracted few votes.
      As the circus moves east, a three way race looms as Senator Rubio will raise money and gain momentum from his 20%+ performance.
      Mr. Cruz faces a less hospitable backdrop in NH, while Senator Rubio may strip the other establishment candidates of their modest totals.
      By SC, it may be Trump, Cruz , Rubio and perhaps Jeb Bush, who still has lots of money.
       On the Dem side, it appears Hillary Clinton edged Sen. Bernie Sanders in a more complicated voting process but the margin was very small.   The race could be seen as a rebuff to Mrs. Clinton, who at one time led by a large margin.  It's on to NH where Senator Sanders needs a win.


Anonymous said...

Breaking: Trump seen as possible replacement host for the NBC reality based show THE BIGGEST LOSER!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy !!! Now Bernie is within 0.2% of Hillary !!!

Anonymous said...

Well there you go... Trump is a proven loser. :D

Anonymous said...

I will note with a bit of sarcasm (but not much) that Sanders performance is about as good an argument as can be made for raising the minimum voting age to 40.

It also makes a good case for jail time for anyone who supports common core. Especially our history "teachers".

Anonymous said...

The white supremacists and Neo-Nazis groups that define Trump’s base are having an emotionally difficult time right now trying to comprehend his loss in Iowa, especially given the thousands of robo-calls recorded in the state by the leader of the White Nationalist American Freedom Party William Daniel Johnson.

Ima said...

Right 1:43 we're all racists, I think they have a safe room for you on many a college campus. Meanwhile, patty pantsuit won because some idiots think it's about time we have a female president. We saw how quickly the novelty wore off after we elected the incompetent black guy.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Rubio is a fake and weak "leader" said in 2011 speech at the Reagan center that Social Security and Medicare weakened us as a people and caused society to rely on government when in the olden days when someone got sick or out of work the "neighbors helped out."

Kind of like paying your doctor with a chicken for health care, like Sue Lowden from NV told us about when she ran for the Senate. Rubio fails to mention those two critical programs that workers paid into helped his sick and dying father when he needed them... Ergo: he is a fake and phony... really.

That speech can been seen and heard below (it's about 23 minutes) the worst parts at the 5 minute mark or so.

Rubio Says Government Programs Weakened Us as a People

What a jerk.

Anonymous said...

Government programs did weaken us as a people, but Rubio will not get my vote. His actions have exposed him as a left wing establishment hack.