Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Christie Teeters....Rubio Apologizes for Screwup

  Governor Christie is going home to NJ to "reevaluate" his campaign after his sixth place finish.
   Marco Rubio told his supporters a debate like the one Saturday will not happen again, but I don't see the Senator getting the nomination.
   If Donald Trump is to be stopped it will be either by Governor Bush or Governor Kasich. The latter gave an excellent speech tonight, but the former has the money and name.
    Well positioned is Ted Cruz who finished third in NH.


Juston LaJoie said...

My pick from the start Kasich, it's on the Hot Line Record. He is the best candidate. I was wondering if you remember our conversation when you said he isn't really resonating with the people? I said he is reserved, that he has helped balance the federal budget. Then as the governor of Ohio brought them out of the red. The way he would serve the people would be the way it should be. he is not arrogant he cares about this country. He is the one in New Hampshire who took the hearts and minds of the Voter perfect timing. I was about tired of all the other clowns. His ground game is solid. I hope and pray he continues to do well down the stretch..

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't count Ted Cruse out. While he's not "lovable" he is a brilliant individual who didn't put much effort into NH. His message likely plays much better in the Southern States where Evangelicals have a large impact. Christie, and Carlie are likely finished. Dr. Carson has a money remaining so likely will go on. Whether Trump's crude language has an impact remains to be seen.