Friday, February 26, 2016

Chris Christie endorses Donald Trump

     On the day when the news narrative was supposed to be all about Marco getting all aggressive and assertive against The Donald......The Trump campaign trumped Senator Rubio by trotting out Governor Chris Christie for a raucous endorsement in Dallas.

     That's double trouble for Mr Rubio who staggered after Governor Christie roughed him up in the pre NH debate.

      Chris Christie endorses Donald Trump


Anonymous said...

wow, what an event today! All Rubio did last night was kick a hornets nest. What we saw today was a reinvigorated Donald Trump in full attack mode. What we saw today is what has gotten him here in first place. Throw in the Christie and Rev. Jeffers endorsement at the rally today and you have the Trump train ready to land the knock out punch on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Is Christie positioning himself? This is after he gave and or sold Rubio, not Cruz is campaign supporter list this past Sunday.

Strange bed hopping, but kinda makes sense since Christie is a loving kind of guy who went all in with Obama and he has played patty cake with Cuomo his entire political life. He sure seems to be more Dem/Regan, just like the guy he just endorsed. Oh and the dirt is flying like leaked that Christie has donated to Planned Parenthood organization.

Like noted Trump is a big fan, great fan they do great things that Planned Parenthood organization.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh Chris Christie…. now that’s YOOGE!! Chris Christie is YOOGE! Just YOOGE people!

Let’s see who else is riding in the Trump Klown Kar:

-David Duke, former KKK grand wizard of the KKK.
-The American Freedom Party, a third position political party that promotes white supremacy.
-The Daily Stormer, a leading neo-Nazi news site.
-Richard Spencer, director of the National Policy Institute, which promotes the “heritage, identity, and future of European people."
-Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance, a Virginia-based white nationalist magazine.
-Michael Hill, head of the League of the South, an Alabama-based white supremacist secessionist group.
-Brad Griffin, a member of Hill’s League of the South and author of the popular white supremacist blog Hunter Wallace.
-Don Black, a former Klu Klux Klan leader who runs the white supremacist website
-And now...American National, a white nationalist super PAC.

Many of these groups and individuals haven't endorsed a candidate in decades. They all love Trumpenstien though.

Anonymous said...

The lyin fat bastard supporting the follicle changed liar , looking for an Ag job . The lying hairpiece says he cant stand politicians but takes this fat lying pol from Joisey as his imprimator .....omg just when u think u have heard it all ..

This GOP is a fn joke .. sEnator Graham was right when he said his party has gone Bat Shit crazy .

rick aldrich said...

Well, the Dems. say they want a president who will unite, not divide. My question is, what have we had for the past 8 years? Obama said he would unite America. Well, he did. He united our money, and gave it to the Wall St corporations for bailout,and gave free money away, like candy, thereby , not encouraging able bodied people to work. United the middle class money, to pay for everything. United the masses to hate the police, but not criminals. United the world, to push America around, like a lightweight. United gun haters, to hate guns, but not the bad people who use them. And sadly, united some unsavory characters and calls them confidential advisors. Do we want to elect another 4 years of the Obama unification project? Hilary said the black vote, is her firewall, but, Bill said that back in his day, Obama would be bringing him, his coffee. Sounds like Hilary and Bill are not on the same sheet of music, or, are they? What do you say America?

Anonymous said...

Took the words right out of my mouth 5:24. Bat shit crazy.

Anonymous said...

4:09, relax a bit. It must have been such fun to assemble of list of buttheads, then make the claim that they are part of Trump's campaign staff. Try this one, deep thinker. Every inmate in every prison in the nation is a strong supporter of your criminal, Mz Thighs. Why? Because they have everything in common morally and they know that when they get out, their FreeStuff will depend on a blank check writing, lying, bribe taking panderer who will bend over for their concerns. Please, forgive me the thought of Thighs bending over. The very concept is frightening. But even then I'm not nearly as afraid of that as you are of change in DC. You're simply a party line stooge. We don't need people like you anymore. We need to think independently.

Anonymous said...

As a rather “poorly educated” person who is nonetheless smart in his noggin like Mr. Trump, I will be voting for him because he said he will be keeping Gitmo open for business and “loading it up with bad dudes.” That and he said he was going to build a border wall TEN feet higher than his original wall even after the former president of Mexico told him to go F^*# his insane self.

Max Volume said...

Yep can add ME to the Trump Klown Kar too!

All them 'fine Libs' who claim they're gonna leave the country if Trump is elected should start packing their bags.

Anonymous said...

Dear unwashed masses:
As someone that is HIGHLY educated with a doctorate in sensitivity diversity and womyn's studies please believe me and my esteemed colleagues when I tell you Trump is a racists and the next coming of Hitler. Sure, I couldn't change the oil in my car, fix my own leaking sink, manage my own money or have successful relationships with the opposite sex, my own family or anyone else for that matter. But I have memorized the questions that rotate through the NYT's crossword puzzles and that alone is proof I am brilliant.

I know it SOUNDS good to stop illegal immigration with some sort of barrier, But believe me, it is racist and open borders is far better. I know it sounds good to stop spending trillions more than we have, but austerity did not work in Greece and the only way out of debt is to spend your way out. I know it sounds good to hire a successful prolific businessman, but we really need another dimwit mediocre college professor. We need that more than anything next term. But we will settle for a pants suit

Anonymous said...


Middle-Class Mike said...

"Gov. Chris Christie endorsed Donald J. Trump at precisely the right moment to send Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio home to watch the General Election against Hillary Clinton! A very happy occurrence indeed!" Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'