Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Burke Finishes Seventh in NH Primary, Ahead of 21 Others

   St. Lawrence County Democrat and political enthusiast Steve Burke finished 7th in a field of 28 Democrats in yesterday's New Hampshire Presidential Primary.

   Mr. Burke received the votes of 106 Granite State residents.

   Congratulations Steve !

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Steve! I was hoping you would have come in a tad closer to that lying scheming Wall Street pac money receipant, racist divider. Alas, your type are not what the morally empty Democrat party wishes for they wish to continue to see the only woman in the world use her 'smart power' in ways we could not comphrend.

Where were you Danny in supporting Steve?

Anonymous said...

Is this fine man the same as the one that Shelly Silver and our local female party aligned brass knuckle gal behind the scenes used a downstate Democrat party attorney and pulverized simply because he wouldn't get in line with the local county committee members?

The attorney's reward, I recall that she became a State wide Election attorney or something or other on the state payroll.

Give Steve credit, he stepped up and ran on his convictions.

Anonymous said...

How old is he?

Anonymous said...

When I first saw his picture, I thought it was Donald Rumsfeld. I was thinking to myself, that's odd. Why in the hell does Jeff have a picture of Donald Rumsfeld up? lol I guess the eyes really are the first to go... Good for him. Must have been a neat experience up there.

Anonymous said...

Funny !!