Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Buffalo Area MOC Breaks the GOP Embargo on Trump

    A GOP MOC from Carl Country has become the first Republican pol in NY to publicly back Donald Trump. Rep Chris Collins says he admires the strength of Mr. Trump
     Western NY is the most rebel part of the state. Perot ran well there and western counties were the only naysayers in Governor Cuomo's landslide in 2010 over Carl Paladino.
      I would not recommend backing Trump in NNY.  The media mandarins would quickly be peering down their noses at you.


Anonymous said...

Colins is beholden to Carl so he is forced to kiss the ring.

Orange Top isstoking the degraded populist driven peeps and calling his wins driven by the 'poorly educated' How bad do people need to be insulted or this segment of the GOP are the Kardiasian watching folk.

The photo on the sidebard of Mrs. Trump is that all gold 24k gold leaf in the chair and walls she sits her a@@ in all day.

Mikey, where is the outcry for him to release his taxes, I'm guessing he is not as richhhhhhh as he says he is.

Life is a Con and it's all about conning the common man.

Anonymous said...

Patty Ritchie.. Our Senator, who are you backing for President... You backed Doheny against Stefanik then jumped on the bandwagon after she won.. You never endorsed Carl when he run instead you avoided the question..
Your war on the poor wont work Ms. Ritchie and will ultimently be voted down by the thinking class. Your inability to answer questions has baffled many.. Your stances on taxes never quit amazing us in NNY..

Anonymous said...

to hell with media. more people need to follow Trumps lead about scrapping the whole pc bs. show some courage and say what you want to. the voters are smart enough to know when the media is being deceitful.

Anonymous said...

They better get on board because short of an assassanation of Trump hes there pick this year.. Of course with the Bushes around nothing and I mean nothing can be ruled out..

Anonymous said...

heard ya show today. court street ain't dead yet my mayor past. ya mentioned the hitch, but whatabout Freidas Diner. stop in for a soup and samich. mmmm good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Mikey, will you be mad as hell when you find out Trumpster pays a lower tax rate than you, or isn't as benevolent towards the middle class individuals, vets or disabled. You know all those that he is going to make things right for.

Trump needs to release last 4 years of tax returns as have been demanded by previous candidates.

Anonymous said...

I like the fact that as a trouble teenager he was put into a military school and became a star athlete.

I like the fact that he found bone spurs on both feet and was deferred from going to Nam.

I like the fact that he has filed bankruptcy not once, not twice, not thrice but 4 times, what a great businessman.

I like the fact that he over leveraged over financed the Trump Towers and thus started his own ponzi scheme, kinda like a Madoff but well within NYS bankruptcy laws enacted by our own corrupt pols.

He is such a stand up guy, why wouldn't you endorse him when he actually ridicules the very people that go out and vote for him.

Middle-Class Mike said...

Well no one says Donald Trump is a 'taker' from vested interest, The Post Star made it impossible for Rep. Elise Stefanik to do that with their Editorial. Read Below:

"The Post-Star never asked Stefanik the tough Questions last Election!"

Rep. Elise Stefanik's loss of innocence surprised the Editorial Board of the Post-Star? Why? The Editorial Board supported her last election, interviewed her, and gladly avoided asking the tough questions that would have made her more forthcoming as a candidate.

"Stefanik, a neophyte who just completed her first year in office, had collected $56,000 from defense contractors as of Dec. 31." Editorial Board/ Post-Star, EDITORIAL: Armed Services Committee should be above reproach.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

MCM, you really are stupid. Has it not dawned on you that Stefanik has most likely been approached by all three candidates for her support for their campaigns including Trump. Other Congressional Members within your party as well have been from diff. states. You see the Trumpster needs to win big and great in NYS. As I recall all upstate is Red REd Red except the corrupt Albany County District.

I can't figure out the extreme and overt interest you have when it comes to Stefanik.

Anonymous said...

2:57 Funny, Mikey needs to pull his Big Boy Depends Up.

Crap eyes Mikey, Donald Trump Loves all Women. He Will Make It Great again and that you will learn to Love MOC Stefanic and all women as he does!