Wednesday, February 17, 2016

BBC: Afternoon Rates Now Offered at Nice Hotels

     Main line hotels are making money filling a niche.   You don't have to rent a nice place for a whole night at a long rate or seek out a flea bag cheapie hotel for your quicky afternoon delight.
      The BBC reports the nicer hotels are now offering afternoon rates will all the amenities for the spur of the moment crowd.
       Haven't heard of it yet here, so you might have to still use those places near Duff's house if you want to save.   I'd feel a little cheap asking for hourly rates at the Hilton, so if good fortune happened, I'd opt for the night.


Anonymous said...

Just because you pay for the whole night
doesn't mean you stay for the whole night.

Anonymous said...

Have the 1% figured out yet what is causing the bedbugs in their own homes. Now that would be good cause for a marital breakup. I can see this bed hopping Russkie carrying the bugs.

Where are the ambulance chasing lawyers?

dajeep said...

Now there's an idea for all the hotels that are springing up in the Buffalo and WNY region. Don't know why they are building them all, since this area is not exactly a tourism Mecca. Except for the Bill's home games, and some coming in for the Sabres, this would be a good idea. And as far as the bedbugs go, that could be another black market industry. Selling DDT.

Anonymous said...

Will these rooms come equipped with companionship? And 7:34, I doubt if it is worth $100,000. No Joe on this.

Anonymous said...

Can we use our benefit cards to rent these afternoon rooms?