Saturday, February 27, 2016

Battle brewing over transgender bathroom laws in state capitals

    In South Dakota a law is pending to require transgender students to use the bathroom assigned by chromosomes at birth.  A fight is pending and the Governor may not sign it.
     I am sure this issue is settled already in progressive NY, or is it ?
     A local factory built an extra bathroom a few years back to avoid controversy, but in today's world that would be viewed as discriminatory, especially in schools.
     Glad I was born under Ike when none of this was an issue.
Battle brewing over transgender bathroom laws in state capitals


Ray said...

Sorry but there is no third gender. If you want a special bathroom, bring it with you!

Anonymous said...

Transgender bathroom are just plain stupid! It will surely cause some nasty males to use them for nefarious reasons.

Max Volume said...

It's actually very simple:

Penis = Mens room
Vagina = Womens room

Any questions?

Anonymous said...

Lets face it stand up to pee Mens room. Sit down to pee girls room. Very easy to figure out.duh.

Anonymous said...

You guys don't get it. Transgender means they surgically changed the position they pee from. Many women and young girls feel threatened by having a former man who had her junk cut off, come into the bathroom and leer at them.

If you don't feel sorry for people who were not born all man or all woman, than you have no compassion. The donkey answer is going to be to force the public to do something they shouldn't be forced to do. Those third bathrooms are a good answer for Home Depot and Target. The donkey answer is going to be, during the transition, all other businesses are going to be forced to put a third bathroom in or else be closed. The ultimate goal in a decade, will be to have only a single bathroom for everyone to share, with no gender markings on the door.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why this is even an issue. An individual's anatomy dictates which restroom a person uses. If someone's feeling are hurt it's too bad. Women and girls shouldn't be forced to expose themselves to a male or vioe virsa. Similarly, given the state of our economy, businesses and tax payers shouldn't be forced to pay for third bathrooms or special facilities.

If the politicians cave on this one, what's next?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you guys don't know what a hermaphrodite is or if you don't understand how common it is to be born that way. Or if you just don't care about people that aren't blessed with being born "normal".

Just because a guy gets his parts cut off doesn't make him a woman and women should have have to be forced to pretend those men are women.

Anonymous said...

Brucie Kait Jenner claims though he is now a tranny that he still likes women,which makes him what,a lesbian?So should he be allowed to go into the ladies room?Would anyone feel comfortable that he is in their with your little girl?

Anonymous said...

Some of don't get what the third gender crap is about. It can be a boy who wants to be called a girl, dress that way, and acts that way without making any changes to his body. No snip snip! No boobs. Just prancing around dressed as a girl. But understand they can't go in the boys room, and the born as a girls don't feel to good about his visit to their room. So the third gender need a special little room. India puts up with this crap. Japan too. I say we nip it this year. It's a waste of money and time. Jener just did his bull crap to get attention. People are it up. Wacky people! Sorry I have never bought trapped in different body crap! It some kind of mental problem people are afraid to deal with. I bet there is a nice medication that fixes it. Just people are so bent on this liberal touch and hug crap. Sure we all want to think we are special, different, and much more. We all crap, and it all smells the same.