Saturday, February 13, 2016

Bam to GOP.....Game On

      Calling him a remarkable man with a life well lived, President Obama tonight offered his reflections on the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia. He also pledged to nominate a successor, which is his Constitutional prerogative.
      This will set off a huge fight that will affect the Presidential race, but also key Senate races.
       The irony of today's Court is that Justice Scalia scorned arrogant judges functioning as unelected legislators, but the fact is every one does view the Court as a nine member legislative body and that's why there is such furtive jockeying to influence who is chosen.


Anonymous said...

No, the fact is a certain party wants the constitution interpreted correctly, as written. And the other party wants it to be a "living, breathing document" where they can search for any little bit to support their cause.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is going to say that this effects the the presidential race. But it won't. Tell me...what does the next justice have to do with my free stuff? Nothing.

Anonymous said...

9:35, the leftists don't "search for any little bit to support their cause", they flat out make it up instead. They make things up like the right to privacy means you have the right to kill your baby for the first trimester. But today the Addie types want the right to kill the baby up to the second before it is born. Funny that they like the commerce clause to regulate everything, and they want to control healthcare, but if that commerce is money paid to an abortion doctor, it suddenly becomes off limits. Every single leftest ruling is a textbook example of hypocrisy and inconsistency.

Anonymous said...

Only an abysmal pick like his earlier two would allow a delay in conformation till after January 20th 2017, but making this an issue in November might be the only way to get out the democrat vote.

Anonymous said...

9:11, they would first have to teach all the democrat voters what a Supreme Court is and how a Justice is put on the bench.

Anonymous said...

I thought Addie wanted to allow the sale of 'baby parts' 718. Isn't that what you were blathering on about just a few short weeks ago?
I'm glad those Planned Parenthood videos were proven fake.
Some nut job might have been influenced by them or some stupid, scumbag politician. Some crazy might then go out and commit murder!
If that were to happen, it would be yet another setback to lawful gun ownership!

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

1. Mr. Obama has a duty in this matter.

2. The all-GOP senate also has a duty.

3. Mr. Obama is right in his bona fide and legal approach.

4. The GOP is wrong all across the board.

If the GOP stays stuck on stupid with hard nose politics on this issue they would be without doubt be negligent their sworn duty.

You know the duty they all praise when it benefits them and ends up screwing the country as a whole, kinda like now.

Country first - not in this case - politics is... sickening no matter who is in the Oval Office.