Thursday, February 11, 2016

WDT: Arena Ice in Sight

      Construction is nearing the end at the Fairgrounds Arene and Council members who toured the facility last night were pleased with what they say. With new lighting in place, it was the first chance to see the rink as it will be when skaters get a chance to use the ice next month.
    Now the challenge is to make sure the facility is used to the fullest and that the community enjoys what they have.
     The ribbon cutting will be sometime in March.


Anonymous said...

We'll see you there Justin!

Anonymous said...

Still need hood and ansul system with fryer check doh why no alum absorb ceiling if you are looking for savings another case of not wanting to listen to other arenas

Anonymous said...

The salaries that engineering, water, sewer, planning command should result in better decisions. The peter principle they all employ causes the need for consultants. The department heads and CM prohibit subordinates to disagree with them and employees are fired, retire or gain employment elsewhere. This will once again be shown with the WFD contract. What a waste of taxpayer money!

Anonymous said...

April is a good month for a:

New car show

Custom car show

Motorcycle show

Boat show

Rv show

Home show

Indoor kart racing





Anonymous said...

Rumor has it, Drum spent big bucks to install juice bars in their gyms, which have sat vacant for years due to no interest from potential vendors.

Anonymous said...

Something the city should be proud of.
Let's keep going with projects like this for future generations to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Parks and REc supervisor: "outrageous" on cost of $150k for equipment. She felt it should be at least $250k no doubt.

Anonymous said...

And future generations to pay for if there are any remaining taxpaying residents.

Anonymous said...

Bring curling to Watertown

Anonymous said...

Wow, did they use my suggestion of roach coaches to supplement their failure. Pay me please!

Juston LaJoie said...

Sure why not!

Anonymous said...

I'm led to believe it is only for those that live in the city Justin.
Supposedly they're only accepting two forms of ID at the door. Driver's license and that little card they send you in the mail that tells you where to vote.
Us other city taxpayers are looking forward to seeing you there!