Saturday, February 27, 2016

Analysis Shows No One Beats Trump Outright Before Cleveland

      An analysis by NBC News, using current polls, delegate selection processes and a some assumptions that there are no major changes shows one of two GOP scenarios.
      One is Donald Trump runs enough of the table to enter Cleveland with a clear majority of delegates.
      The other is that Trump ends the primaries ahead but without a majority, sending the race to a contested convention, where after the first ballot, the deal making and back stabbing begins.
        Given the delegate selection  process it is not thought any other candidate could accumulate the 1267 needed.
        That means Marco Rubio must win Florida and its 99 winner take all delegates. If he loses and John Kasich take the winner take all 66 in Ohio, along with some other good showings up North, the Buckeye State Governor could be the establishment candidate making the deal to take the nod from Trump.
       Of course if 900 Trump delegates are sent home feeling screwed, watch out below.
        It all makes for an interesting year.
      The later primaries in NY and CA may actually mean something.


Anonymous said...

If anyone drops out, it could change everything.
How do you compile a list of delegates you can count on? I don't know 66 people I would implicitly trust. Do you?

Max Volume said...

Funny how a non-politician is kicking everyone else's ass... only to endorse the fact that Americans are TIRED of politicians.

The Clinton's need to be put out to pasture (as they were in Arkansas, only to move to New York) and Bernie needs to get a real job for once in his life.

A Trump/Palin ticket would definitely ROCK !!!!

But I'm quite confident that the 'sheeple' of the "Great" state of New York will be lining-up to vote for the Arkansas' trash.