Monday, February 22, 2016

Albany to Debate It's Worth Again

    Nothing makes for easier copy than a story about legislative pay raises, although last year when our own Council voted itself a raise through an obscure supplemental budget resolution last July 1st, no one noticed.
    In Albany, they are once again discussing legislative pay, which they routinely back off on, even though there are many, many public employees making way more than our Senators or Members of Assembly.
    It's easy to get worked up over and say they are overpaid, and then pay somebody twice as much to hand out meds at a psyc hospital, or collect tolls at a bridge.
     Elected positions are in most cases jobs....with expectations and the chance of losing it for non performance.  Our Governor, no matter what you think of him personally, makes less than most school superintendents, and way less than the SUNY and CUNY royalty.


Anonymous said...

Its like Spitzer found, you can get someone to do the job for free if you want, but you get better quality if you pay.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think this is a good idea. However, we should cut down on the Assembly. We also should cut down on the "staffers" and the per diem for meals and travel. Take those fine Senator's up to $125000 a year and cut their staffs and make them WORK. I know the education world always has time off and teachers make to much, yada, yada. But, politics is the root of this. Just a stepping stone..ask Darryl Aubertine.

Anonymous said...

Deedeeeeeee and Mr. Lifesaver Mayor should weigh in on this issue.