Sunday, February 28, 2016

Alabama Senator Backs Trump

    The first Senator to endorse a candidate for President on the GOP side is one of the body's most conservative. Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama donned a red hat at rally in Huntsville and praised Donald Trump's stand on immigration.
      Senator Sessions said on the issues that matter, Mr. Trump and he agree even though the Senator said no one is perfect, a reflection that Donald Trump is not pure for some conservatives, but good enough for him. 


Anonymous said...

It's not a question of ideological purity regarding Mr. Trump, it's the question of whether he can win in a general election against. Mrs. Clinton. The polls, which he seems to live or die with, mostly say no. He's the only Republican candidate that looses to Clinton. Given his superficial understanding of the issues, high negatives and long and colorful history, I suspect MSM will go attack him big time once he's nominated. Right now outlets such as MSNBC and CNN are promoting him but expect that to end once he's nominated. It'll make their past attacks against Romney look little league.

Call me a conspiracy theorist but I can't shake the felling that Trump is a Clinton plant.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Sessions and that King fella out midwest our racists.

I agree with you 7:39 but how is he able to (con) so many people? He and his close confidents seriously considered running as a Dem. but knew they could beat Hillary in the primary so he set his sights on the ignorant and stupidity of poorly educated white GOP.