Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Busy Saturday

   I watched the Scalia funeral today and was moved by the emphasis on family and faith and not just an honoring of a political figure. In that regard, I was glad the President didn't attend and the networks never did cutaways of the pols and celebrities who might have been there.  The only one mugging for attention was Senator Ted Cruz who was available for post funeral interviews.

    The homily by Justice Scalia's son was on point.

     Also today I worked at the bar and got some very good service from Coca Cola who sent a man out on Saturday to repair my soda gun. I'd definitely recommend Coke if the City ever decides what to serve at that snack bar, although picking a soda has political overtones and I understand that.

      Spent the early evening at Planet Fitness...mostly on the treadmill so I could watch the SC returns.

      Then I went to Pete's to write this and will head home. Had broiled fish tonight. I think that's supposed to be healthy, but who knows ?

t funeral Mass, Justice Scalia eulogized as a man of faith as well as law

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Anonymous said...

Scalia's service was quite nice.