Monday, January 25, 2016

Zephyr Blows Into Hudson Valley to Challenge GOP for Open House Seat

     Both candidates for the open NY19 seat may have one thing in common...John Faso and Zephyr Teachout both lost bids for Governor.
      The activist lawyer, Ms. Teachout, announced her candidacy today. The Vermont native and Fordham law professor gave Andy fits in 2014 with a primary challenge in which she carried many counties including all eleven counties in NY19.
Zephyr Signs First Ever Book Autograph in Syracuse ,2014
       Ms. Teachout is known for speaking out against a corrupt system and wrote a book called Corruption in America.
       When she ran for Governor she lived in Brooklyn and in fact the Governor tried to have her tossed from the ballot by questioning her NY  ties in court.
         When it comes to residency, everyone is entitled to a Mulligan now and then.
just announced on Monday


Anonymous said...

Mulligan? After Gibson announced he was not seeking reelection, Zephra blew in on the train north of NYC but south of Albany and is renting an apartment by the train station.

Their downstate NYC activitism needs to be stopped in it's tract, like Bloomberg she is pro killing babies, she is anti 2nd amend. rights, she is pro pro pro shoving down our throats control on what she views as a homosexual relationship, trani, bi and anything you can come up.

Her views are probably left of Bernie if that is at all possible.

Anonymous said...

If she is so popular, why doesn't she run for Mayor of NYC?

Anonymous said...

And the libtard judge said, "just because she stated she didn't live here on her tax returns doesn't mean anything, maybe she was just cheating on her taxes".

She should write a book called "corruption in NY" autobiography.

Anonymous said...

We've given enough mulligans to the congressional candidates Jeff.