Saturday, January 30, 2016

Workers at NYAB OK Pact

       Union workers at NY Air Brake are said to have ratified a new three year contract this morning during voting at the North Pole Fire Department.  Workers told me of that passage and they seemed pleased to have three years of labor peace. Of course not everyone felt that way, but that's always the case.
       I know a few of the details, but I am sure the MSM will have the full story.
       Air Brake and its workers continue to be a lynchpin to the local economy and I am glad this issue was settled. The new pact was approved two months prior to the expiration of the current deal.
        I remember back in the 70s ad 80s, labor disputes were big news, but in recent years that hasn't been the case.
        Remember the year, the City PD got to don their riot gear ? I always thought that was show to bolster management, but it was high drama.


Anonymous said...

Headline City Hall..........ACA issue finally put to bed, read about it in the WDT, let union workers unite...

Anonymous said...

Was their a gag order put in place after ratifying this contract ? Nothing from MSM as of sunday night.