Sunday, January 10, 2016

Winning !

    The 292 million Powerball combinations would indeed allow you to "beat" the system, but it would take 9 years and three months to run them all at the rate of one set per second. 
    That's the word from the smartest math expert I know who teaches at a local high school.
     It's a great teaching tool on probability and it will be in the Monday lesson plan, as kids will pay attention as it involves a universally loved and respected commodity, money.


Anonymous said...

They made a silly comparison of winning Powerball to the odds of winning the presidency. But they didn't take into account that unlike the lines at the lottery counter, very few people take a shot at becoming president. At most, you would only count everyone who ever ran for elected office...well that and everyone who was born in Kenya.

Anonymous said... $2 a ticket by the time you purchased 292,000,000 tickets you'd only win $2.22 BEFORE TAXES!

Way to "beat the system"