Monday, January 18, 2016

West Main Street Open

     West Main Street is open and the building that housed a bar is gone after a wind storm ripped off the roof and set off a cascade of falling masonry. City officials quickly condemned the building and ordered up a $188K demolition that will be billed to the owner.
     Now the owner has a vacant lot and can look forward to a judgment that may force him into bankruptcy.
      Goes to show how quickly things can go from mundane to catastrophic.
      Lesson in all this. Demolition work is pretty lucrative when City Hall is paying the tab.


Anonymous said...

Your last line is clever/funny 'cus its true.

Other lessons:
1. Historic buildings on the north side don't matter.

2. The bar business is as desirable as a head-shop.

3. To make an unsafe building safe, you must level it to the ground.

4. Make certain your flat roof has a termination bar around the perimeter or else insure it for when the roof blows off.

8. "The mayor who's there" was replaced by "the mayor who's not there".

Anonymous said...

As I was driving by this morning, about 10 city workers were walking 2-3 abreast in the roadway. Had to move over to near the centerline to avoid hitting them. Really appreciated having to do so so quickly and unexpectedly on wet, slick roads. Maybe someone should add safety training to the program? Of course, one needs a brain as well.

Anonymous said...

6:51, move lesson 4 to lesson 1. Lesson 8, we needed to hear from the subject matter experts - engineering, codes, and we did. I, for one, don't really care what the mayor has to say unless he's more knowledgeable in those areas. We want to hear from the city employees responsible for making those decisions.

Taxpayers shouldn't pay for poorly maintained, uninsured businesses. Had another windstorm hit, or someone walking near that place been injured and damage to others had occurred you would have been complaining the city should have knocked it down. The lawsuits that followed would have far exceeded the knockdown cost.

I feel for the owner and hope he recovers from this, but maybe the city actually limited his damages. He doesn't have deep pockets, but the city does.

Anonymous said...

yeah 8:29must have been real hard to see them on that straight section of road,if you had to move over unexpectedly you were no doubt going too fast in the first place coming up to an intersection.

Ima said...

What??? Who doesn't make $94,000 per day?

Anonymous said...

Never saw the CoW workers rally to a project so quick. Must need to top of some OT by working on a Holiday.

Anonymous said...

When a relatively small building like this one is torn down, is asbestos considered an issue?

Anonymous said...

Did any company other than ICC get called to put price on job? Pretty easy to charge what you want when there is no competition. Must be Shawn and the owners are tight$$$

Anonymous said...

Are you sure they were COW workers???????

Anonymous said...

10:41 the resident Butler apologist, do you know how stupid you sound? No one has said anything as ridiculous as you, since Corriveau used your tactic as an excuse for not micromanaging problem employees in the police department into not trying to assassinate city citizens.

The code department is there to enforce the codes, not to take over buildings and have them demolished. The city engineer is wet behind the ears.

The city is never going to see that $188k again, so yes it certainly should have been entertained to spend a fraction of that price on securing the building. Everyone knows that the roof did not blow off because the building was in bad shape, it blew off because the wind got under it. Probably because it was installed wrong and passed inspections it shouldn't have passed.

The city spends millions trying to save old buildings. Now you are going to pass the buck and say its none of the mayor's business. I guess we shouldn't expect anything more from a bureaucrat with a nepotistic career and no real work experience.

Anonymous said...

Gee, 9:30, media didn't report it, what date and time did you inspect the building? Still sore about missing out on the job Butler got I see. Move on.

Anonymous said...

Request denied 11:57pm, but feel free to take your own stupid advice. For once you have a good idea...if you apply it to yourself.

That's just hilariously clever for you to pretend I missed out on Butler's do nothing job he didn't deserve. That was always my goal in get a job doing nothing like he had. That way when I get old enough to be mayor, I can drop the ball like he did last week.