Wednesday, January 13, 2016

West Main Street Building Still Shedding Bricks

     The 500 block of West Main Street was still blocked off to traffic today as concern continues about the stability of the building housing the Bull Tavern.  Wind earlier this week tore off the roof and many bricks have been falling off too.
Horizon Aerial Media
       Officials are determining what to do next but observers say bricks continued to fall off today.


Anonymous said...

A new mayor but the same lackadaisical attitude from the city regarding getting things done. How long will they leave this street closed off? As long as the Mill Street bridge? If it was cops you know it would be done with long hours and OT.

ray lear said...

9.58 how do you decide to take that building down? I don't care if we changed our City name. It's not easy to just knock down that place and call it a day.

Anonymous said...

Adding insult to injury, he won't be able to write this huge loss off until 2017 to recover any losses.

But the Treasury, IRS and DHS can churn out subsidies daily for Obamacare without verification of SS#, a US citizen, verification of income

This is saving each and every family $2,500 per year. Way to go Libtards.

Anonymous said...

In most municipalities, the cost of teardown is billed to the owner of the property and usually covered under insurance.

Who is paying for this teardown and loss of business to neighboring businesses?