Sunday, January 3, 2016

WDT:Kwanzaa unleashes our inner racist

     I remember every year when working at Channel 7 (under Times ownership) we were told to do a story about Hanukah.  It was a guilt thing by owners with white angst, something that apparently hasn't faded.
    Now it's the obscure celebration of black culture called Kwanzaa that unleashes latent racism, and the sanctimonious and prejudice-free media hector us for not embracing it.
    We were all brought up with prejudices that the better among us try to set aside as intellectually we know it's wrong. Others become engulfed by racism and utter N-bombs as frequently as they do F-bombs.
     When in office I always took time to attend the Juneteenth Celebration although I never saw any of my white counterparts in local high society.
      So when that hierarchy prints about "unleashing our inner racist", I can only detect my BS meter going off the scale.
Watertown Daily Times | Kwanzaa unleashes our inner racist


Anonymous said...

Jeff, serious question: did you even read the editorial? Your comments have nothing to do with what was actually written, looks like you just saw the headline and decided you had seen enough to start your rant.

Anonymous said...

Can you expounds on what the prejudices are that we were all supposedly brought up with?

Many prejudices are learned from life experiences that take place after leaving the nest. Still others are innate. Like the human preference for silky soft angel hair, like the hair of the Nordic people as opposed to the nappy wooly hair of ethnicities originating around the Mediterranean sea and Africa.

Similarly it seems innate that both blacks and lily whites, prefer olive colored skin. An average pigmentation, if you will.

What stands out about these self-righteous race-baiter editorials, is that they pull no punches when insulting, slandering, raging and lampooning people and politics they disagree with or dislike. From calling Christie fat, to making fun of the Donald's hair, to calling gun buyers, "Joe six-pack". Yet they cannot understand or accept that people with smarter points of view, may show the same aggressiveness over something they are passionate about.

And what you end up with is a racist policy by the media, where they take the stance that certain individuals, races and groups, are so fragile, dainty and delicate, that they cannot withstand the same intensity of insults that the editors dish out on a daily basis toward unprotected groups and people.

Anonymous said...

One of the best posts we've seen, 1:44. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

That is one on thee most senseless posts I've seen in quite a while 144. Olive skin? What the hell are you talking about?

On top of that you congratulate yourself the next morning! LOL

Anonymous said...

The news was raped when the media some years ago stopped REPORTING and instead COMMENTED on the news of the day. A reporter needs to tell us the story with accuracy and details. Having worked in the industry a very long time I see non-reporting every day.

Anonymous said...

8:17, you sound like a desperate man. Everyone here is thanking you for providing such humor.