Sunday, January 17, 2016

WDT:Hope Rekindled Again for Newton Falls Paper Mill

       A California finance firm specializing in "value added" property is buying the remotely located and dormant Newton Falls Paper Mill, located in the hamlet of Newton Falls.
       While it at one time was conveniently located for making paper, such industries have gone south and its hard to imagine anythiing going there as it literally is in th middle of nowhere.
       The small company town is pretty barren these days and you wonder if more public money will be put into the old plant. Seems a decade ago much was made about reopening the plant, but it never came to be.


Anonymous said...

Seriously ! Watch out they don't turnit into a nuclear waste dump site .

Anonymous said...

Nuclear Dump after NYS spends 10 million dollars - on a railroad from Carthage to Newton Falls. Don't say we didn't warn you.