Saturday, January 23, 2016

WDT: Watertown to Seek Aid Under Governor's Downtown Sweepstakes

      Governor Cuomo's latest competitive grant program is a $100M downtown revitalization plan in wich one community in each of ten region gets a $10M grant. Watertown will compete, but details are sketchy and the proposal still needs legislative approval.
      Downtown Watertown has come a long ways but the criteria may be you have to be really destitute and frankly that's not the case here.
      There is also the very real east-west politics within the NNY Region, where getting the nod depends in large part on factors beyond just applying.
       That's why the term "hunger games" was applied to this process.
        However, developing an application does impose the discipline of setting priorities which can still be pursued with or without the grant.


Anonymous said...

1. get rid of a north side historic building because the bar it housed had no white collar customers.

2. get rid of the fountain from the 60's

3. get rid of the bed bugs from all the welfare public housing.

4. apply (concede to do something in return for)for more free stuff...especially from DANC.

Anonymous said...

I agree, much like the Hunger Games pitting one community against another.

That said, our communities, large and small, do need development in their downtown cores. However, ultimately, it should be driven by private investors not the government. But, I do think government has a role in development, such as providing necessary infrastructure for projects, or a vision.

For example, as much as I was opposed to price tag of the renovation of the ice arena, one could wonder what impact that might have if the arena were on the Mercy site. Granted, we're not talking about huge events, but some semi-pro hockey, high school hockey, concerts, events, etc. would certainly bring much needed traffic into downtown.

The same is true of Carthage and the fire site. Yes, it looks good now but if someone had the vision, there was an incredible opportunity to bring more people into downtown Carthage.

The Woolworth project and the Lincoln building are important steps but they still need to fill the space. Small businesses need traffic to thrive, and that's not just residents living in the apartments above.

Moby Dick said...

State Sen. Patty Ritchie, whose district stretches from Oswego to Ogdensburg, said she does not support Cuomo's proposed freeze on STAR benefits.

"I think the state continues to be No. 1 in taxes in the country. Many residents I represent have difficulty paying their property taxes. I hear that on a regular basis," she said. "For myself and my colleagues in the Republican conference, providing tax relief is the No. 1 issue for us. This is something that will give less tax relief to the 76,000 homeowners receiving the STAR benefits in my district."
The statement above is an example of our Senators deepest concerns for her constituants. After issuing this statement one can think back and understand this woman has voted consistantly with two convicted felons in the Senate. This woman has sponsored and voted to raise the sales tax in Jefferson county and in SLC thus giving her the distinction of sponsoring the largest tax hike ever in SLC. Last year she voted for a tax rebate for people making up to #250.000 and as low as $40,000 but completely neglected any legislation for the poor who make less than this group..
Think about her hundreds of mailings and promises and then look at her real record.

Anonymous said...

That ten million is a mere advertisement that our governor is using to make us all think he is a great guy. He has surplus money from over taxing to burn. So why not spend it to make himself look good. If we DO win, look for our Mayor and his Republican Bud's to kick all the small business owners out of downtown to GENTRIFY it. THIS is how three out of five (all Republican) councilmen see what improving our city should be-GET RID OF THE WELFARE TRASH AND THE POOR WORKING PEOPLE WITH THEM.
See many people stopping into Community Bank to speak to the Mayor? See many dropping by Richies office to tell Walzcak what is bad?
No, They will NEVER be available because you have to "catch them after hours". You can't do that because they are too busy with their "FAMILY LIFE" OR "GOING OUT WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND AND IS NOT HOME". If you want to speak to them-just drop by and speak to Don Coon to relay your message-expect a Republican filter on it though.
Maybe if they pay attention to the North side, they will tear down the bridge. After all, EVERY ONE OF OUR CITY COUNCIL "REPRESENTATIVES" come from the SOUTH SIDE!!!
From all the North side was paid attention to in the past ten years, they would just as soon it fell away from their side of the planet!Already they are starting to tear down West Main Street, no matter how historic, residential or essential it is to people who live their. The life of the bar owner and his family were ruined. But now that its been demolished and they are left with a field to grow their own food, Joe, Markie and Jennings have forgotten their existence. It's that family's problem now, so who cares! We're over here.
Both know that the North side is just a necessary "corridor" from Fort Drum. You know, an unpleasant first view of the city if soldiers come through it to get to the car places, hospital or mall. You know-the "ghetto" the city!

Anonymous said...

This is no hunger games.
It is the same thing Rod Blagojevich is in prison for. Blagojevich used his power to make decisions as rewards in return for favors and that is what Cuomo does. Look at all the political patronage jobs in the same light. It is the same way the mafia stays in power. Rewards people for playing ball and punishes those who don't.

Anonymous said...

Hey - our gov was out working the roads helping stranded motorists on Long Island. What a guy. Nice khakis he was wearing too. Hope he didn't ruin them.

Who was running for office from the Northside. Did I miss it?