Thursday, January 7, 2016

WDT: Tipped Wage Prompts Changes as Some Restaurants

     The raising of the tipped server wage by 50% is driving up the cost of eating out from fancy places to the struggling neighborhood diner. It came into being with no fanfare but now is getting some news coverage.
    Two ways of looking at it, but the progessive, egalitarian view is it lifts the fate of the downtrodden so liberals eating out won't feel guilty. The other view is in one day it adds massive overhead to businesses struggling to maintain margins.
     Of course if independent eating joints go under, that's a relief to a state that in its heart of hearts wants to deal only with large, and compliant corporate retailers who can raise prices at will.  


Anonymous said...

What a persecution complex. Or is it a paranoia disorder?

Anonymous said...

What happened to the post on the arena concession stand?

Ima said...

Can't help but wonder if it affected any local concession stands.

Anonymous said...

Where will the affordable housing masses eat?

Had a pricey burger at the Koffee Kove today.

Used to stop in at Longway's late nights - thats done.

Will the dollar menu at McD's survive? The Clubhouse? Mr. Rick's? NO TIP FOR YOU!

OMG. Where does Cuomo eat?

Anonymous said...

I'll still tip, but it will be less. Instead of 15-20%, probably only 10-15%....especially if I notice menu items have gone up in price.

I still think this is the beginning of a ploy by the govn't to make sure they are able to tax ALL income. How many tips go unreported. I foresee paper money going away, and everyone has a centralized money account, and you pay for items with a card or phone app to transfer funds. Be it a garage sale, stuff you sell on eBay, or even illegal sales of items, the govn't will be able to track every penny you make, tax it accordingly, and just take it out of your account.

Or maybe I'm just being a paranoid conspiracy theorist.

Anonymous said...

You dance around the fact that the socialists don't just "deal whith" large businesses, they co-opt them. The large businesses become a tool of the statists and together they snuff out the little guy.

Anonymous said...

Loved the tilted kilt commentary. Talking through their asses about how they have been "thinking about" changing their employees wages in an altruistic manner. Ok, then do it. Don't pretend that talking about it gives you some sort of moral high ground. Going to guarantee all your employees $15- per hour ? Great. Let's see it.

Anonymous said...

I fell less need or desire to tip. Likely more in the 10 percent or less range than 18 to 20%.

Anonymous said...

Will this effect the prices at the PX?

If not, who cares?