Tuesday, January 19, 2016

WDT: Cuomo Wage Hikes Threaten Local Industry.....An the Media

     The $15 an hour wage is generating news because the local news media is among those paying reporters under $15 a hour....And they don't want to pay more..
       Now I oppose the Governor's plan, but let's not be naïve about the structure of wages.
       In NNY, the economic elites are not generally in the private sector and this is a low wage area.
        Those on the top don't want change and raising the possibility of the venerable NY Air Brake leaving makes the case for those who don't want to pay more.
Watertown Daily Times | New York Air Brake could leave Watertown if $15-an-hour wage proposal is OK’d


Anonymous said...

Mario can't even get his math right. He claims that for every extra dollar an hour a mimum wage worker makes, it's an additional 2800 per year that they will spend in the economy. Even forgetting for a moment that if an employer didn't spend that extra dollar per hour on said employees wages, they themselves would more than likely spend that dollar, is the even more ridiculous fact that 40 hours X 52 weeks is 2080- not 2800-.

This guy is absolutely nuts.

Anonymous said...

The Air Brake starting wage is $14. So in nearly 5 years it will be 15.
That's going to force them to move?

Greedy corporate bastards. This is just another cry for more free money.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry - Schumer is firing up his jet and will pick up the Gov on his way up to save all the jobs by throwing millions $ at Air Brake to stay for a few months more. The problem is, Chuck called Dandy Don for directions. Donboy did not know where Air Brake was located so he sent out Dave and Dave hasn't been heard from since.

Anonymous said...

First, one of Air Brake's points is their current entry level wage is 66% more than minimum wage ($9 compared to $14). So, you are naive to think that if they want to retain, compete and train entry level workers, paying the "going" rate is the answer. Likely, Air Brake, and many employers from small businesses to government and larger employers will end up paying perhaps $20-$25/hr to compete for quality candidates. $25/hr is 66% more than $15, to compare Air Brake's current starting wage compared to minimum.

Second, why is seemingly everyone a "greedy corporate bastard?" Businesses of all sizes have said that the minimum wage increase is, or will, affect them. So, Mo's Diner, Larry Longway, Air Brake, to eventually Jeff Graham's bar and Mr. Bigg's restaurant, all will be affected by this. EVERY BUSINESS. Newsflash- businesses exist to earn a profit. Whether it's Walmart or Wally's Pub or Wayne's World of Home Improvements. Who takes the hit? Yep- Walmart's stockholders, Wally and Wayne. So, if your neighbor is a small business owner and has to raise his prices to cope with increased labor costs, go ahead and call him a greedy bastard and see how quick the fence goes up.

Max Volume said...

But...Andy said that New York was "Open for Business" and "Shovel-Ready."
Perhaps the shovels were for the bovine poo-poo that spews out of Albany.

Anonymous said...

Hey Maxie, Now come on, even Obammy admitted that the bilions that were spent for the last crisis didn't go to any shovel-ready jobs since the public unions came first. Yuk, yuk since there were no shovel ready jobs, at least he was told that.

But according to the WH we left the greatest recession since the great depression years ago and we are all doing wonderfully and on sound financial ground all due to Obammy's efforts. The economy has come roaring back.

Highest number of people on food stamps ever under Obammy.
Highest number of able bodied people that have drop out of the workforce under Obammy.
Highest number of people under empoyed and unemployed under Obammy.
Highest number of people collecting SS disability benefits and now the fund is underfunded. Obammy will be raiding your SS funds to cover the the takers of SS disability receipants.

Ima said...

@12:53 AM
It's also ridiculous that they'd think that any minimum wage earners work 40 hours a week. Then again, these are the same idiots who think the Waltons are just sitting on their money as opposed to having it tied up in their company. But who wants to use money to put people to work anyway...