Thursday, January 28, 2016

WDT: Economic Prosperity in the Eye of the Beholder

       The experts attempting to take a macro look at the NNY economy belies the many little stories.
Today, NYAB employees receive their annual bonuses amounting to two to three thousand dollars for blue collar workers.  This comes on the eve of a labor contract vote this weekend as the firm seeks an early resolution to a contract that expires in the spring.  Things look good there. Many other firms are quietly succeeding.
       Other firm are struggling, facing issues specific to their business or other factors like public policy or exchange rates beyond their control.
       When you talk to farmers, you get insights into a changing world where the cost of labor is prompting some to spend millions on robotic milking.
        Look for changes in retail as more automation will be seen in traditional stores like fast food.
        Home prices are down, sales tax is flat, but jobless rates are OK. All the usual metrics can be used to reach whatever conclusion you want.
        Panel discussions like this one are not always paid attention to by that silent majority of small business people too busy trying to run their business to listen to those telling them how they are doing.


Anonymous said...

GWCC - are they still around?

JCIDA - Jefferson County in the eyes of Don Alexander?

Its all about what we have and I saw nothing about what we are doing to keep that and get new.

Where are the initiatives and goals?

That would be a good topic to have a panel on.

Anonymous said...

Nice headline. Which ones are the local "leaders" and which ones are the "experts"? Try this instead: "parasite bureaucrats discuss local economic outlook".

Anonymous said...

8:35 and 9:02. Thanks for those posts. You folks make sense.