Sunday, January 17, 2016

WDT: Dexter Woman Not the Only One Taken In By High and Low Tech Scams

    It's not just the elderly and uneducated who get sucked in to the burgeoning number of on-line, telephone, mail or in person scams.
    Perry writes about a Dexter woman hooked on one of those "cash this check" scams that seems too good to be true because it is.
     It's a constant struggle. Like Perry, I am old enough to be wary, but the biggest challenge I face is the telephone.  I keep a land line at the bar for emergencies and to keep an identity. I also don't want to call employees on their cell while working as I want to discourage use of that too.
    But the calls a business gets are endless, and as much as I say 'just hang up' , I still grapple with employees who get sucked in to surveys and discussions of this and that.
     I wish Eric Schneiderman would do something about it as soon as he cleans up all that fantasy football stuff.
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Anonymous said...

Do you have working gallows at Pearl St Pub?

Jeez, tough place to work!

Oh, wait a minute. I bet that's supposed to be "hang UP, not hang us"........

Anonymous said...

This Perry piece is not worthy of being covered by your blog but his consolidation spiel is.

Lets start with his $350k of freestuff money in "perpetuity" that he touts as a reason for consolidating. Something tells a normal thinking person, that perpetuity shall soon have a new meaning in NYS.

And I would never say there are not some places somewhere, that could stand to consolidate, but the savings will pale in comparison to that free money that the state will be spending every year.

And you will note that there never seems to be a suggestion to dissolve a village such as Sackets or village such as Clayton into the towns occupied by the unwashed masses of farmers and prison guards. Instead the examples given are municipalities where the central planner Perrykos types would never think of living. Where he promises to save the residents from themselves and their few hundred per year in village taxes. In exchange for having no more tax deductible trash service and a free check from the state every year. The only other thing they have to give up, is the right to govern themselves. And when this freestuff money comes from the state, the new larger government will spend it, oh so wisely. And when perpetuity comes to a screeching halt, the new larger municipality will continue to spend the same amount and make up the difference by raising taxes.

Anonymous said...

It has been suggested by taxpayers in Clayton but dismissed by leadership who say they have done all that is possible. Tough to give up those health benefits...

Ima said...

All phone lines for businesses should be required to send caller id information. And we should have a simple way to report numbers that don't so they can be shut off.

Anonymous said...

What are you crying about 841? Wah, Cuomo is still guvner. Wah, Obama is still black. Wah, wah, wah!

Stick to the subject!