Friday, January 8, 2016

WDT: Developer expresses frustration about further delays in Western Boulevard project

      Western Boulevard is looking more and more like the dog park, in that it may never happen.
Today the WDT reported the proposed connector road through the heart of the city's west side commercial district may be delayed as skittish lawmakers ponder holding off on the project while they investigate the possibility of state funding, something not available in the past.
      The road was partially constructed when the State remodeled the I-81 interchange. That work led to development of long barren land where two hotels and many other stores now stand. Developer Patrick Donegan says the road would allow for more development and last fall Council finally committed after then Council candidate Todd DeMar made an issue out of the delays. It seemed a good time to get Council approval and I pushed it at a meeting and it passed. Previously, two members had opposed the project due to the cost.
      Mayor Joe Butler has instructed Council to study up on the issue, but it may well be the loss by Mr. DeMar prevented the advocacy by Mr. Donegan's biggest booster.
Watertown Daily Times | Developer expresses frustration about further delays in Western Boulevard project


Anonymous said...

You had how many terms as the mayor and didn't get anything done there?
Now you want and you want it pronto!
Easy when you are yelling from the sidelines isn't it?

Anonymous said...

4:21, The blog entry is a comment on the story that says it isn't happening fast enough. But the blogger doesn't say it isn't fast enough, he says its going to be a hard road to pave. Get a grip.

It would be easy to get the landowner to play ball. Just threaten to black the traffic currently flowing into the plaza. I would imagine the plaza went through site plan approval back in the 60's and again afterward.

rick aldrich said...

I believe it was a council candidates' own personal interest, which back-fired.

Anonymous said...

Spending needs to slow down !! we need to start thinking things through and try to get the state to pony up the cash if you want to proceed with this project. No More bleeding the taxpayers who are already taxed to death and trying to hold onto their homes. The younger generation already left the area and now you want to push the elderly out of their homes with more wasteful spending .

Anonymous said...

7:22 - that comments applies to just about any place in NYS.

I hear there is some nice new "affordable" housing all over Watertown. Suggest you get yours. Or leave.

No - I am not an elected official.

otherwords1 said...

Making this street should present no problem. The state had a 5 billion dollar surplus to spend. We should have plenty from that pot to get enough to pave the whole parking lot there!
I just wonder though, how did our State government GET that surplus? Did they tax us too much?

Anonymous said...

Tell our State elected officials to CUT THAT RED TAPE AND START PAVING THE ROAD! And don't give yourselves a medal for cutting it.